Bellator Net Worth 2022: Everything about Assets!

Bellator MMA is one of the most famous mixed martial arts promotion around the whole world. It’s the second largest MMA promotion in the United States of America. From all over the world a huge amount of people follow this show and watched it. It’s one of the biggest platforms of sports. A lot of people are involved with Bellator organisation, they control and manage this game.

Sports keeps our mind fresh and helps us to keep a healthy body. Specifically, the MMA sports are most helpful where everything is about strength and power. Bellator is one most popular organisation in this matter. They had worldwide recognition as well as the company made a huge amount of too.

What is Bellator’s net worth?

Bellator MMA promotion is a huge place of entertainment and one can make a lot of money from here too. Here we prepare a little article for those who are interested to know about the famous promotion Bellator MMA. Here we will talk about how much the company is earning, how much money they paid their fighter, what is net yearly income, their net worth and some other interesting fact that you might enjoy.

Year Net worth Increasing rate
2022 7 Billion Dollars  40%
2021 5 Billion Dollars 66.66%
2020 3 Billion Dollars 57.89%
2019 1.9 Billion Dollars N/A

Well, it’s a very large company and unlikely to reveal their net worth. But after some research, we find that the company’s estimated net worth is about 7 billion dollars.

The Ultimate History of Bellator

The world-famous MMA promotion Bellator was founded in 2008 by the CEO and the chairman of Bellator named Bjorn Rebney. At that time there was only one final tournament and gives 100,000 dollars to the winner.

The first Bellator event was held in 2009. In 2011 Viacom bought most of Bellator share and from then it is controlled by Viacom.

Mixed Martial Arts sports are very popular and famous from ancient times. People exercise his game for a long period of time. The modern MMA was first started to get popular between ’90 and ’20. From then it’s a huge place of business and trading. There is a huge deal of money.

Bellator one of the enormous MMA sports holder. Every year they earn a lot of money and profit. Bellator revenue was not much before 2016 but it’s stared to raise in a number after that. A survey shows that in 2017 Bellator revenue was 25 million dollars and the very next year it was 35 million dollars. In 2019-20 their estimated revenue is more than 40 million dollars. According to some online sources Bellator per year average income in more than 33 million dollars.

All this revenue help Bellator to build up a huge amount of net worth. The company estimated net worth is now about 5 billion dollars.

Bellator paid a lot of money to their fighters. Some highest-paid Bellator fighter is –

1.Lyoto Machida gets paid about 200,000 dollars.

2.Juan Archuleta gets paid around 150,000 dollars.

3.Patchy Mix gets paid about 75,000 dollars.


If you are a sportsman and have interests in fighting you can participate in Bellator MMA and earn a good amount of money. But I tell you my friend this platform is no joke it’s a very hard rough place so be careful.

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