Buffy Waltrip Net Worth 2022: Early & Personal Life

Buffy Waltrip is a famous American model. She is modelling for a long time. Buffy owns a jewellery business too. She maintains and controls her shop. It’s a pretty famous jewellery shop in the USA. They have a lot of customers and the shop is famous for their humble service. Buffy is mainly famous and becomes a celebrity persons from her presence in the car racing track. We will come to that point, how she becomes famous.

Buffy Waltrip

Buffy Waltrip is a strong and self-dependent woman. She does not like to rely on anyone and she has made a successful career for herself. Buffy has proved that she is more worth and capable than just being a housewife. Here we prepare an article for those who are interested to know about her. Here we will talk about her net worth, her recent income from business and other sources, her little bio, her present life and some other fact that you might enjoy.

What is Buffy Waltrip’s Net Worth?

According to some online sources Buffy Waltrip’s current net worth is about 1.5 million dollars.

YearNet worthIncreasing Rate
20221.5 million dollars50%
20211 million dollars42.85%
20200.7 million dollars40%
20190.5 million dollars N/A

Early Life & Education

Buffy Waltrip’s family given name is Elizabeth Buffy Franks. She became Buffy Waltrip after getting married to Michael Waltrip. She was born in Monroe, Louisiana, the United States of America on April 5 1967. Buffy was the firstborn children of her parents, Beverly Louis and Carol Franks. She grew up with her 3 siblings.

Buffy travelled and changed place a lot in her childhood. They shifted to Owosso, Michigan because of her father’s job with Georgia Pacific. Buffy had to move again when she was in high school. This time they went to Asheville, North Carolina.

Buffy was a very talented, bright student and indeed she was a very spontaneous girl. She completed her education from the famous University of North Carolina and took a degree on Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

How Buffy Waltrip become Famous?

Buffy Waltrip became a very popular figure in the in public when she got married to the famous car racing driver Michael Waltrip. Michael Waltrip one of the most brilliant car racer of all time. He has a huge fan follower from all over the world. Michael and Buffy were together for 17 years. They had the most amazing life together but there is always an ending of every happy relation. The couple officially got divorced in 2010.

Do you know the story of how Buffy and Michael met?

It was in 1989 when they met each other. That time Micheal was a rising star living in Carolina and Buffy was a popular girl around the campus. They had a date night on a weekend in August 1992. But Michael was seriously injured and he was admitted to hospital. When the nurse had to stitch his lips, Michel asked Buffy to hold his hand and we all know what happened next. They got married on November 27, 1993.

Present Life

After getting divorced from Michel, Buffy stated date with Adam Hawthorne. They got married in 2012 according to Buffy’s social media. She is now happily leading and enjoying her life with Adam.


Buffy earned quite a good money from her modelling and jewellery business. She was the co-owner of the Michel Waltrip Racing which helped her to enrich the net worth.

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