Candace Ownes Net Worth 2022: Family, Education, Career & More

Candace Ownes is one of the most famous American political activists and commentator. She is well known for conservative Trump supporter and supporting Trump idea in the Black Lives Matter movement. Ownes is also a well-published writer. She is author of New York best seller book Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation.

Here we prepare an article about Candace Ownes. We will talk about her net worth, her sources of income, how much she makes every year, her present and early life, her career, how she becomes famous and some other interesting fact that you might enjoy.

What is Candace Ownes’s Net Worth?

YearNet worthIncreasing rate
2022$1.5 million dollars50.00%
2021$1 million dollars42.85%
2020$0.7 million dollars40%
2019Under reviewN/A

Early life & Family

Candace Ownes’s full name is Candace Amber Owens Farmer. She was born in 1989 on April 29. Ownes parents got divorced when she was around 11 or 12 years old. Owens’s parents have four children and she was the third of them.

After Ownes parents spit and stated to live separated then Ownes came to his grandparents home. Here she found a new joy in her life. Ownes grandparent’s house were located in Stamford, Connecticut. Ownes grandfather Robert Ownes was from North Carolina and her grandmother was from U.S. Virgin Islands. Ownes father family was originated from Caribbean American.


Ownes was a very bright student in her school, college and varsity life. She always passed with a good grade. Ownes completed her graduation from Stamford High School. After completing the school life education part Ownes went to the famous varsity to pursed an undergraduate degree, in the University Of Rhode Island. Her main subject was journalism. But it was hard for Ownes to afford all the financial responsibilities for her varsity. So she left the varsity in her junior year.

Candace Ownes

Victim Of Racism

We all know that in the United States of America racism has turned into a very huge problem. It always has been a world issue in the past few decades but even in this era people still care about what colour they have on their skin. Many innocent civilians become victims of this problem. Candace Ownes had also faced this problem for being a black woman.

It was in around 2006 when Ownes was 17 years old and she was in high school senior class. Ownes got three death threatening voicemail from an unknown number which was total 2 minutes long. She and her family became very terrified for this cause this could turn into something serious.

They immediately complained it to local police and the police find out the call was made from a car which was driving by the Dannel Malloy mayor 14 years old son.

Ownes showed it to the school superintendent Joshua Starr and he said it was horrendous. Ownes family sued a file in the federal court, they said the city does not protect their rights. In this cause Ownes got 37,500 dollars of settlement in 2008.

Starting Career

After leaving the varsity, Ownes started to work as an intern for Vogue magazine in NYC, in 2012. Later she joined in an equity farm as an administrative assistant located in Manhattan. Ownes was very smart in her work and soon she became the vice president of administration.

Ownes didn’t stay long anywhere and in 2015 she became the CEO of Degree180. It was a marketing agency and they offered consultation, production, planning to their customers. The organisation have a blog where they used to write anti-Trump articles.

Even now one of the biggest supporters of Trump, Ownes wrote in an article “Bat shit crazy antics of the Republican Tea Party, and the good news is, they will eventually die off peacefully in their sleep, we hope.”

How She Become An Conservative Trump Supporter?

Ownes created a website called, where she can identify who is bulling on the internet by tracking their digital footprint. The website worker would able to take screen short whenever you bullied in some websites, social media, etc. Internet-based site.

After announcing this news people got so angry with Ownes. They started to protest against this heinous project. Both progressive and conservative society come together and blamed Ownes. They said Ownes hijacking their personal information and the websites should be stopped immediately.

In that time Ownes blamed progressive to involved with the Gamergate controversy. For this reason, conservative people started to support her including the Trump supporter and political activists Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich. After this Ownes suddenly become a conservative and she said  “I became a conservative overnight I realized that liberals were actually the racists. Liberals were the trolls, Social Autopsy is why I’m conservative”, it was in 2017. Anyway, the website was never created and all the fund were suspended.

Ownes Professional Life

After Ownes become a self-proclaimed conservative she started to make videos for Donald Trump. She put them on YouTube and encourage people for joining the Republic.

Owens started a movement called Blexit. Here she asked black people to join in the Republican and blamed Democratic party for all the problems black people are facing.

Candace Ownes at a Glance

Full Name:Candace Amber Owens Farmer
Popular Name:Candace Owens
Birth Date:April 29, 1989
Age:31 years
Siblings:Yes, 3
Birth Place:Stamford, Connecticut
Education:Stamford High School and University of Rhode Island
Marital Status:Married
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Wife/Spouse:George Farmer
Children:Yes, 1 son
Net Worth:USD 1.5 million (as of 2021)
Source of Wealth:Activism, Talk Show Hosting, and Writing
Height:5′ 6.5″ (1.69 m)
Weight:55 kg; In pounds: 121 lbs.


In that time a survey shows that about 8% of black people is supporting the Republican. Ownes got the attention of everyone when she supported Donald Trump in the Black Lives Matter issue.

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