Chairul Tanjung Net Worth 2022: Spouse, Children, Career & More

Chairul Tanjung is a former Coordinating Minister for Economics in the Indonesian cabinet and a businessman. He got the position on 19 May 2014 after the resigning Minister for Economics, Hatta Rajasa. Later on, Hatta took part in Indonesia’s 2014 presidential election. It changed the lifestyle of Chairul Tanjung and got fame.

Chairul Tanjung

In this article, we are going to talking about Chairul Tanjung net worth. Also, you can read other necessary information about this businessman. So please continue with us until the end of the article. After that, you get enough idea about Chairul. This website is regularly publishing net worth information of the celebrities in the world.

Chairul Tanjung’s Net Worth

According to the latest updates of 2022, the estimated net worth of Chairul Tanjung is more than 4 billion USD. The number of amounts is increasing significantly. He has a plan to expand the business. Hopefully, he will grow it and will be able to increase revenue.

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2022$4 billion8%
2021$3.7 billion5%
2020$3.5 billion12%
2019$3.1 billion14%
2018$2.7 billionN/A

Early Life & Family Background

Chairul Tanjung was born on 16 June 1962 in Jakarta, Indonesia. His father’s name is A.G. Tanjung and mother’s name is Halimah. His father was a reporter who established a magazine platform. He was married to Anita Ratnasari Tanjung. They have a daughter named Putri Indahsari Tanjung and a son named Rahmat Dwiputra. Their family situation was very good, and they were living happily ever after.

Later, the government shut down his father’s business due to some problem; the financial condition of their family became very weak. Then his father sold their big house and car to pay off the loan. At that time they lived in a small house. His father wanted to educate him in higher education to develop him into a successful man, so he worked in a company to raise family expenses.


Tanjung was first enrolled in an elementary school and completed his education up to class five. After completing his primary education, he was admitted to high school and got very good results there. He finished high school study in 1981. Chairul finished his bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia. In 1984 and 1985, he was elected as the noble national student. While studying, he and his friends started a shop where they sold books and T-shirts, which later became a big business.

Career Overview

From an early age, he was fascinated by the business, which led him to start a shop as a student. Later on, they used to produce shoes for children. At that time they received a big order to send shoes to Italy, but he separated from his two friends and thought of a new business. Later he founded a group of the company named CT Corp.

To establish his business, he started working with Hasbi Hafani. He bought a banking company called Bank Karman and changed its name to Bank Mega. Then make a plan to expand business starting the insurance and securities section. Now he founded two T.V. Channels called Trans T.V. and acquired T.V. 7. Those channels have a lot of audiences and a well-known in this country, which helps Chairul to make money from daily advertising.

Quick Info

Full NameChairul Tanjung
Net Worth$4 Billion
Date Of BirthJune 16, 1962
EducationInstitute for Management Education and Development, University of Indonesia
SpouseAnita Ratnasari Tanjung, Anita Ratnasari Tanjung
ChildrenPutri Indahsari, Rahmat Dwiputra
ParentsHalimah, A.G. Tanjung


Chairul Tanjung is one of the notable rich people in Indonesia. He has been dominating the business sector with various techniques. Right how Chairul has several businesses from where he received a considerable amount. He is working with some other people who also know the business policy to improve revenue.

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