Fpsrussia Net Worth 2022: Everything about Personal & Professional Life

Fpsrussia is a famous YouTube channel all over the world founded by Kyle Myers. The feature of their video is about firearms explosion even they come with along with the tank. Kyle Myers has uploaded more than 750 videos on the fpsrussia channel.


We did a little thesis about how fpsrussia became widely popular to the whole work, how it started their journey, how the owner has successfully run the channel and how they were able to make this huge amount of money for themselves. Let’s discuss then.

Net Worth of Fpsrussia

The net worth of Fpsrussia is about 483,000 dollars while Kyle Myers owned nearly 2 million dollars.

YearNet worthIncrease Rate
2022483,000 dollars20.75%
2021400000 dollars33.33%
2020300000 dollarsN/A

His main income source is Youtube and from the advertisement company that he shows in his video. According to many various online sources, Kyle owned approximately 1 million dollars in 2016 and it raised in 2017 to 2 million dollars.  From various websites’ information, we can say that in 2018-19 Kyle’s net worth was nearly 3 million dollars and the value of his channel 480,000 dollars as of 2020.

Early Life

Kyle Myers the main brain of this channel was born in Lavonia, Georgia on May 19, 1986. He grew up and raised in an upper-middle-class family. There is not much information available about Kyle’s childhood or about his education.

From an early age, Kyle was found of cars and ammunition. His love and curiosity for ammunition were build-up while he was a child. He used to play a lot of action video games. This game really affects his childish thought and create curiosity about how these guns and explosion work.

In addition to video games and action movies Kyle’s father also helped him to develop an interest in guns. His father had a habit of collecting guns and he had a huge attraction to animal hunting. It was his father’s hobby to collect guns and various ammunition. In his father’s collection, there were many short and large firearms.

Kyle adopts his father’s attraction in hunting and he learned to hunt deer from his father when he was young. He first took his shoot when was just a little boy of five or six years old. For the very first time, Kyle used a 22 caliber pistol for his shooting.

Kyle’s father owned a firm house in the countryside of Georgia. It was a large land of 60 acres. Kyle testing and practicing his shooting in here. He filmed his guns and explosion experiment in here.

When Kyle was a teenage boy he took a job at a car dealership farm. He used to work there as a salesman. Most of the employees there were Russian.

Kyle loves the way Russian talk in English. He found their English accent is attractive. Although at first Kyle just used to talk in their accent for impressions and mimicry, it helps him to build his career as a successful YouTube.

Professional Life

Kyle first started to make videos for YouTube in 2006. His channel name was “klm5986”. He used to act as a First-Person Shooter and introduce himself as a Call of Duty gamer. He posted his Call Of Duty videos with commentary. But it was failed to succeed and there are no more videos on this channel now.

Kyle first came with fpsrussia channel on April 19, 2010. As he was interested in guns and ammunition staff he wanted to make a video about firearms and explosions. So that people can identify many types of guns and how they work.

Fpsrussia is basically an educational type of the channel with a bit of craziness cause dude where guns and explosions are being tested that’s gonna crazy, funny, and obviously thrilling.

Kyle told his audience about the history of the guns where they came from and the origin of the guns and story behind guns etc. He taught them how to use those guns and explosions and shows how much destructible they could be.

Kyle uses Russian accents for his video. He named the character of himself “Dimitri”.

In 2011 Kyle create another channel called “MoreFPSrussia”. In this channel, he teamed up with “Epic meal” and their partnership made their channel into a hugely popular entertainment platform.

On October 29, 2012, Kyle made an appearance in a trailer of war action genre game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The trailer was directed by famous Hollywood action filmmaker Guy Ritchie.

Fps Russia became so famous that In 2012 December Kyle came up with a gaming app named FPS Russia: The Game. It was released in March 2013 for IOS devices on the apps store. Kyle made this app with the support of fellow game developer ‘Zaah’.

Unfortunately, on January 6, 2013, Kyle and his fpsrussia team faced a big tragedy. Kyle’s main partner and the main associate of fpsrussia’s production Keith Ratliff were founded killed in his firearms store.

Keith Ratliff was shooted in from his back in the head three times. The firearms scattered around him were matched with fired bullets. There was no sign of a scuffle so the police thought this hideous crime must be committed by someone Ratliff trusted.

Ratliff was the main power source of fpsrussia channel. Cause he provides all the guns and ammunition and legation of their firearms.

They had to stop work for 10 months after this incident. But so far there no evidence of a crime and began filming again.

From 2016 fpsrussia become inactive probably because they don’t get authorized weapon to experiment.

Fpsrussia is one of the most followed YouTube channels. As YouTube is an International platform, Kyle got worldwide fame and fan base and viewer for his channel. Fpsussia has over 6.5 million subscribers and more than 835 million video views.


Kyle made many awesome and great unique videos during his career in fpsrussia that still remain very popular at present. Among his notable work, there are so many worth mentioning. His most watched videos are golden AK-47, a .50 BMG rifle, an armored troop carrier, and a Bofors 40 mm programmed anti-aircraft cannon, AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun, 76mm Hellcat Destroyer, Zombie Clown vs UZI, Big wet jugs, etc.

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