Goonzquad Net Worth 2022: (Latest Update)

Goonzquad is one of the most famous YouTube channels based on car building. In this channel, they show how to build up a damaged old car into something new and useful. The channel is followed by a lot of people. Goonzquad made a huge fan base by doing car repairing videos. They get fame world widely. Every car person people love them so much.


Goonzquad the popular channel made a huge amount of money in their career and they still working with their passion and love for cars to enrich their net worth. Undoubtedly it’s a huge amount of money for YouTubers. In the rank of most paid YouTuber Goonzquad’s name must be worth mentioning.

In the videos of Goonzquad, you will see that there are two boys working in the garage. So you can guess they are brothers and there is not much age difference between them. They have the same interest in building cars. The Goonzquad brother shares the same passion and love for cars. What they are doing is kinda look like a family business though. People who are interested in cars are so much attractive to these boys.

What is the Net Worth of Goonzquad?

According to various online sources, Goonzquad’s net worth is nearly 1 million dollars.

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
20221 million $25%
2021800K $14.28%
2020700K $N/A

Personal Life

Billy and Simon have older brothers. His name is Alex. But he is not involved with the Goonzquad channel but like his two brothers, Alex is also interested in cars. It would be really great if the three brothers work together. Goonzquad has a sister too. She helps to maintain the channel. Sometimes she controls the administrative part and merchandise. She also helps them with camera work and filming.

The two brothers live with their family in Chattanooga Tennessee. The two boys who controlled the channel named Billy Goonzquad( he is the older one) and Simon Goonzquad( the younger one with blonde hair). Billy is a married person, he married a beautiful girl who is also from Chattanooga.

There is not much information available on the Internet about the Goonzquad brothers. They do not like to reveal information about their personal life. But we manage a little information about them.

None of the Goonzquad brothers had higher studies or academic qualifications. They went straight to car repairing business after finishing high school.

Billy went to a technical college for a few months. He learned about car repairing from there. But Simon doesn’t have any previous experience in car building. He mostly helps his brother with editing and stuff like that but he is learning how to repair cars.

Their brother Alex wants them to join his house renovation businesses and they chose to fix cars and show this on YouTube. Their present conditions tell how right their decision was.

Professional Life

Goonzquad’s YouTube channel maintained and leading by two brothers. These lovely two brothers are now one of the most loveable people in America. People outside America also love them so much. These boys started their video-making career on YouTube not for so long. They first started to work cars in 2015. It does not take time to attract their audience. The moment they came out with their video people take it very fast and appreciate their work. What you call this, luck? Well, I don’t think so cause luck will not favor you unless you have talent in this regard.

The main income source of Goonzquad is YouTube. They collect their huge amount of money from YouTube. Nowadays, YouTube is one of the most popular ways to earn money.

YouTube paid his channel holder as per view rate. The more videos get watched the more channel owner gets paid. YouTubers get paid around 2-7 dollars per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes his cut.

The views depend on many things and factors like what device the viewer using to watch it, what is the location of the viewer, ad inventory, how many ads is the video, how many viewers skipped the ad, what is the content about, etc. It’s really hard to calculate the earning process of YouTube.

YouTuber’s main income source is an ad company. When someone’s video getting popular and watching time are raising constantly then many ads company put their ad in the video. YouTuber gets paid to keep the ad on his video. If viewers watch the ad YouTuber gets a commission per view.

There is also another way to make money from YouTube. It called goggle preferred.

As you know Goonzquad is a channel where they show us how to rebuild an old car. They fixed the damaged car’s problems and made them into a brand new car. Whoever is in cars will love to follow their channel. Now it’s one of the highest growing trending channels on the internet.

The Goonzquad channel has more than 2.4 million subscribers. Their video has got watched over 500 million views so far. If we calculate the views we can see that every day Goonzquad got on average 680,000 views. As a result, their daily income is about 3,400 dollars per day. And every year they earned more than 1.2 million dollars.

Besides making videos on YouTube Goonzquad run a merchandise shop. The name of the is “The Goonzquad Merchandise Store”. They get a good amount of money from here.

Goonzquad brothers are the example of two hardworking people. They show us how easy it is for someone to earn money from YouTube with talent and the ability to do something new. They show us what we love is always help us to shine and grow. Only by doing love and passion work can lead to an entirely happy and successful place.


The Goonzquad brothers taught us to follow the right path whatever it takes. They encourage boys to come into the YouTube business and made a successful career for them. The boys could be an inspiration to a thousand people if someone saw their life and career building.

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