James Babydoll Dixon Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio

James Babydoll Dixton is quite an unfamiliar name world widely because he has some kind of weird kind of habit and didn’t like to show up in front of the camera. James Dixton may be unfamiliar with the bigger audience but he is very popular and famous among the Hollywood stars cause he is a very well-published manager and producer.

It’s true that we don’t know much about James Babydoll Dixton. He is a man of smoke and mystery. He does so many weird things that even make him a more interested person. Here we prepare an article about James Babydoll Dixton. Here we will talk about who is James Babydoll Dixton, why he is famous, what is that he does, where did he come from, James Babydoll Dixton’s net worth, his salary, and some other interesting fact that you might enjoy.

What is James Babydoll Dixton’s Net Worth

YearNet WorthIncreasing Rate
202212.5 million dollars25%
202110 million dollars17.64%
20208.5 million dollars41.65%
20196 million dollarsN/A
2018Under ReviewN/A

Who Is That James Babydoll Dixton and What’s His Deal?

As we said before James Babydoll Dixon is a mysterious man who loves to work behind the camera. There are many processes and systems in a tv show business. Here one has to be very talented to become successful and he has to make his work unique from others. One can be different than others in many ways. They have to choose different kinds of paths to attract their audience.

Whatever kinds of business we do, we will need a good agent, a good middle man to make your business, to build up your career. James Babydoll Dixton is that middle man. He plays the most important part in this show business. James Babydoll Dixton helps find work for artists and through him, an artist makes deals with companies.

James Babydoll Dixton is one of the most famous agents in the show business. Though he works with media, he was not a familiar face to the bigger audience until 2017. In 2017, James Babydoll Dixton came to Jimmy Kimmel shows where Colbert was also present. Kimmel, Colbert, Simmons mentioned James Babydoll’s names before on their show and joked about him but widely audience first gets to know him by his appearance in Jimmy Kimmel shows.

Why do They Call Him James “Babydoll” Dixton?

It always amazes me why James Dixton has such a unique middle name, it’s kinda weird too to have a middle name like this. Well, the story behind that is James Dixton calls everyone by babydoll. It does not matter who are you to him, he will call you babydoll. His children, parents, even the president, the man behind the bar literally everyone is babydoll to him. That’s why they call him babydoll. People also addressed James Dixton as a baby or babydoll.

Quick Info

Date Of Birth1814-08-05
Place Of BirthEnfield, Connecticut, US
EducationWilliams College
SpouseElizabeth Lord Cogswell Dixon
ChildrenJames Wyllys Dixon, Henry Whitfield Dixon
NicknamesJames Dixon, Dixon, James, James wyllys Dixon


James Babydoll Dixton is one of the most famous and successful agents in Hollywood. He has made quite a good amount of money from his agenting career. As James Dixton does not like to come in media so you can assume he doesn’t like to reveal his net worth either.

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