John Fullerton Net Worth 2022: Age, Height & Bio

John Fullerton MacArthur is an American pastor and author. He is a great teacher of a radio program called Grace to You. John is a well-educated person as he is the chancellor of The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California, and The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California. After analyzing his life, you have to agree that John is one of the most famous persons in the country.

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What is John Fullerton’s Net worth?

Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2022 $20 million 11.11%
2021 $18 million 5.88%
2020 $17 million 8.97%
2019 $15.6 million 11.42%
2018 $14 million N/A

Early Life & Personal Life

John MacArthur was born on June 19, 1939, in Los Angeles, California, USA. In his childhood, he was passionate about playing football. He played in High School and university. He completed B.A. in Los Angeles Pacific College, M.Div in Talbot Theological Seminary, and D.D in Talbot Theological Seminary. After completing his education, MacArthur started a journey with a career. So far, he has earned several awards.

He is currently trying to write more good books so that his books can gain popularity later. Hopefully, soon he will publish a new book, and through that proposal, the text will be able to create a new awakening in the heart of the reader. We should all respect his efforts. Only when we are interested, then he will be able to release better quality books.

John MacArthur is married to Patricia MacArthur. They have four children. All of the family members are living together. He always tries to give time to his family. Her sons and daughters are all highly educated and have separate sources of income.

Career Overview

John MacArthur is one of the strong proponents of expository preaching. He has picked the position of the best influential preachers by Christianity Today. It gives a lot of popularity around the area. Right now, he is working as a writer. John has completed 150 books, which is really excellent. Among of those books, there are several famous books for which he got awards.

His success book is the MacArthur Study Bible, which received a Gold Medallion Book Award and sold more than 1 million copies. His other books also crossed more than one million; one of those is New Testament Commentary Series. His other book, called Twelve Ordinary Men, has been sold more than 500,000 copies. He got ECPA Christian Book Award for A Faith to Grow On book.

He always tries to win the hearts of the readers by writing books, which makes his books sell very quickly. If you like to read religious books regularly, then you must buy one of his books. Hopefully, you will learn a lot and will be forced to express interest in buying books for him later.

As a writer, apart from writing books, he writes reports on various types of news that happen more frequently, which has taken his popularity to more height. One of the highlights of his written news is that there is a lot of gossip about trending issues.

He has been criticized many times for his writings, but no errors were found in his written information.  He likes to discuss in a very knowledgeable way, which is a bit difficult for ordinary people to understand. So far he has gotten a lot through writing and has had the good fortune to visit many places in the world.

As a celebrity, he has a lot of popularity all over the world due to which he participates in various events. So far, he has participated in many conferences and encouraged the audience with motivational speeches. You can learn a lot by participating in his program if you want.

All in all, his net worth is quite acceptable, and he continues to compete with other writers. His income rate increased due to several of his books, but now it has come down a bit. According to that calculation, here, I will try to highlight his average net worth.

Quick Info 

Real Name John Fullerton Evetts
Occupation military personnel
Nationality United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,United Kingdom
Date of Birth 1891/01/
Birth Year 1891
Birth Month 01
Birth day
Age 129
First Name John
Last Name NA
Gender male
Place of Birth Wrotham
Awards Receieved Legionnaire of Legion of Merit,Commander of the Order of the British Empire,Military Cross,Companion of the Order of the Bath
Education Royal Military College, Sandhurst
Languages spoke and written
Death place Royal Tunbridge Wells


According to the latest estimates for 2022, his net worth is more than $20 million, and this amount is slowly increasing. Hopefully, he will be able to touch 25 million very soon. He is now an old man due to which he is showing some disinterest in work. For this reason, his income has decreased a bit. So all in all, I think he has done enough, and we should applaud him.

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