Johnny Cupcakes Net Worth 2022: Bio, Phone Number, Family, Career & More

Johnny Earle is an entrepreneur and innovator who founded Johnny cupcakes at the age of 19. The multimillion dollar business was inspired by his nickname ‘Johnny Cupcakes’.The company generates 4 million dollars through retailing t-shirts,hats,cut and sew clothings . Today Earle has woven his cupcake bakery theme into his business that intrigues the consumers and tricks the hungry people.

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What is Johnny Cupcakes Net Worth ?

According to the latest information of 2022 , the estimated net worth of Johnny cupcakes is 2.5 million dollars .

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2022$2.5 million8% increase
2021$2.3 million15% increase
2020$2 million15% increase
2019$1.5 million33% increase
2018$1 millionN/A

Early Life & Family    

Johnny Earle was born in  the year of 1982 . He grew up south of Boston in Hull,Massachusetts. In 2017 , he married korean born wife Katie . Till now the couple has welcomed twin daughters . His family has played a significant role in rearing his start-up . His mom ,Lorrain and his friends and family were the very early employees in his company .  


Johnny graduated from high school but took a short break afterwards from college.

Career Overview

Right after taking a break from college he started a metal band with his friends . The name Johnny cupcakes had been his moniker. So when he was making a T-shirt order for his band , he made a few more with the label. This is the beginning of his unique ‘T- shirt bakery ‘ experience .

By the age of 16 , he started 16 businesses . By 19, he initiated his multi-million dollar business by selling cupcake bakery themed t-shirts . From the trunk of his beat up ‘89 Toyota Camry it went to a robust e-commerce site .

His retail store gives a dream-like experience to food lovers by displaying cupcakes themed t-shirt designs in refrigerators and packaged in pastry boxes. The store smells and looks like a bakery without actual food.

Most of Johnny Cupcakes designs are exclusive which are printed only once . The products are moulded as collectibles making it successful . Furthermore , the brand has partnered with the Simpsons, Nickelodeon,Warner Bros , Hello Kitty and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , to manifest a limited edition apparel .

Quick Info

Popular AsJohnny Cupcakes
Age39 years old
Phone number(617) 375-0100
Birth placeMassachusetts
ChildrenTwo daughters


Johnny Earle is an entrepreneur who realised his passion and brought light into it through his work . He has been continuing to bring the child out of everyone through his experience based brand. He believes in being optimistic will bring happiness into his work and lives by it.

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