Jus Reign Net Worth 2022: Everything about Early Life to Professional Career

Jus Reign is a famous Canadian YouTube celebrity. He made so many creative and funny videos. Because of his great humour scenes and his parodies about pop culture made him popular. Jus Reign is followed by a huge fan base in different social media. He made a good amount of money for himself. According to various online sources, Jus Reign estimated net worth is about 400k dollars.

Here we create a little article for those who are interested to know about Jus Reign. Here we will talk about how much money a famous celebrity like him make, what is his main source of income, how much money he makes every year, Jus Reign little bio and interesting stuff that you may enjoy.

Okay, let’s get started then.

Early Life:

Jus Reign’s family given name is Jasmeet Singh Raina. He is from Panjabi Kashmiri Shikh origin. Jus Regin was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada on 4 November 1989. He was raised and spent his childhood in Canada. Though Jus Reign grew up in a Canadian society he adopts both Canadian and Indian culture.

There is not much information available about Jus Reign family and about his childhood. We do know that he has a brother named Anmol Singh Raina.

Jus Reign father wanted to teach his sons Indian classic music. His father admitted a master for them. But soon Jus Reign found that he has no passion and intension to learn music. Although because of his father he used to learn Tabla for a period of time but ending up throwing Tabla to his teacher’s face.

Jus Reign went to the University Of Guelph because his parents want him to be. He was admitted there to pursue a degree in medicine. But he never liked the subject. In the middle of his study, he left the University.

Professional Life:

Jus Reign main source of income is YouTube. He made a lot of money from his YouTube channel. YouTube earning process is quite complex. It depends on many things and various rules.

Mostly YouTube paid their channel ower on the account of video watching rate. It depends on other stuff too like from which device you are using to watch this video, what is your location and etc. YouTuber also gets paid from different ad companies. Many companies put their ad on YouTube channels for marketing purpose and the YouTuber gets paid from this company to add advertisement in their video.

Jus Reign owns quite a famous channel. His channel has more than 870,000 subscriptions. His videos get watched more than 143 million times. His channel is getting more popular day by day. A large share of his income comes from here. He has also an account on vines and they also worthy to watch. His YouTube channel JusReign net worth is about 87,000 dollars.


Besides YouTube Jus Reign also earn money from his acting and writing career. He appeared in two movies. He first made his appearance in the movie in 2015. The movie was 22G Tussi Ghaint Ho. Jus Reign also came to Jimmy Kimmel live shows. Jus Reign took interviews of many celebrities like Tyler Posey and Shemar Moore.

Well, if you compare Jus Reign net worth with other YouTube celebrity you may find huge differences. But his hard work and passion are impossible to judge money.

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