Karl Marx Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Wife

In the history of the world, Karl Marx is one of the most influential names. He has changed the world politics theme. He was a revolutionary person. Karl Marx is most famous for his theory about communism. He fought for all life long to build up a new society, a new way of life.

Karl Marx has created a whole different point of view. He always thought for the poor people. He has tried how to provide a better life to the poor, how they can live peacefully. Karl Marx used to think that we all should create a society where we all are same, a place where is no discrimination between the rich and poor people. All people will get the same opportunity, no division.

Karl Marx idea and theory were highly received by the young generation and those who wanted to change society and want to relieve people from the torture of capitalism.

Because of his books and theory, Karl Marx became stateless for a long period. He has shows the lower classes people how they were being cheated by capitalism. Karl Marx helps the poor and the lower class people to raise voice against the fraud of rich people.

Here we prepare a little article for those who are interested to know about this great personality. We will talk about Karl Marx lifestyle, financial condition, his income sources, his little bio and some other facts.

Early life and career

Karl Marx was born in a town named Tirer on 5 May 1818. It was the part of Prussia Kingdom. He was raised in a Jewish family with 9 siblings. Marx was the third children of their parents. His grandfather was a rabbi. Marx family was quite religious and used to maintain their legacy. Marx didn’t attend school until he was 13.

Karl Marx religion was not supported higher education. That’s why Marx changed religion to study in law. Though at first, he wanted to study at philosophy and literature, his father admitted him at law section because it’s more practical in life. After completing his basic education Marx went to Trier Gymnasium at the age of 17 and complete his graduation from there.

How He Makes Money?

Karl Marx is most famous for his books. His most well-known book is Das Kapital and Pamphlet The Communist Manifesto.

Karl Marx was a revolutionary socialist. All his life he worked for the poor and fought against the rich, fraud ruler. Marx wanted an equal life for everyone where no one will be starving. In the modern world, his communism is followed by many countries such as Russia, China etc.

Quick Info

Karl Heinrich Marx

5 May 1818

Trier, Prussia, German Confederation
Died 14 March 1883 (aged 64)

London, England
Tomb of Karl Marx, Highgate Cemetery, London, England
  • Prussian (1818–1845)
  • Stateless (after 1845)
Jenny von Westphalen
(m. 1843; died 1881)
Children 7, including Jenny, Laura, and Eleanor
  • Heinrich Marx (father)
  • Henriette Pressburg (mother)
  • Louise Juta (sister)
  • Jean Longuet (grandson)
Alma mater
  • University of Bonn
  • University of Berlin
  • University of Jena (PhD)[2]
Era 19th-century philosophy
Region Western philosophy
  • Dialectical materialism
  • Historical materialism
  • Marxism
Main interests
Philosophy, economics, history, politics
Notable ideas
Marxist terminology, surplus value, contributions to the labour theory of value, class conflict, alienation and exploitation of the worker, materialist conception of history


As Marx always fought for an ideology, he never gathered wealth to lead a luxurious life. He has faced bankrupt for many times. At his younger age, he earned some money from the publication and did some job but it was not notable and there is not much information available about his net worth.

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