Lee Williams Net Worth 2022: Wife, Son, Daughter, is he Still Alive?

Lee William was one of the most famous singers from the United States of America. He made a huge fan base and follower across the whole world. Lee William was most famous for his unique way of singing. He used to present his song about love, respect and believe in a very particular style.

Here we prepare an article for those who are interested to know about Lee William. Here we will talk about his net worth, his earning source, how he become what he is today, his little bio and some other interesting fact.

Okay, let’s get started then.

What is Lee Williams Net Worth?

Lee William has spread his word all over the world with his lovely divine voice. He became a well-known celebrity person when he started singing. Besides having huge fame and reputation, Lee William made quite a big amount of money from his career. According to some online source, Lee’s estimated net worth is about 5 million dollars.

YearNet WorthIncreasing rate
20225.8 million dollars16.00%
20215 million dollars8.69
20204.6 million dollars15.00%
20194 million dollars5.26%
20183.8 million dollars 

Lee William’s main source of income was his singing profession. When their band was not popular Lee used to ride a truck for livelihood. Lee earned a lot of money by selling their band albums copies.

Lee Williams

Early Life & Education

Lee William was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, the USA in 1947. There is not much information available about his childhood life or his family. After some research and according to magazines and newspapers we found that he was raised a lower-middle-class family. Lee spent his childhood in Tupelo and completed his primary education from his home town. Lee grew up with his siblings.

Lee was fond of music from his childhood. He used to spend his childhood time listing to music.


Lee William the great gospel singer of all time, he was into music from his childhood. Lee first started singing when he was 8 years old. He got a lot of help from his family and the one who helped him most for his career was his uncle.

Lee’s uncle was also a popular gospel singer back then. His uncle used to one of the members of “The Gospel Stars”. When Lee was young he and his brothers used to sing with their uncle.

In 1962, Lee’s uncle formed a band named ” The Spiritual QU’s(QC’s full form is qualified Christian singers)”. But for some reason, the band broke down in 1968. Some say it happened because of the dissimilarity among the crew members.

Anyway in 1968, when Lee’s uncle left the band and it was broken, Lee took the name for his band named it “Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s” and started to make albums from 1970. Though the band became famous in the ’90s.

Is Lee Williams still alive in 2021?

No, he is no longer alive. It is very sad to say that Gospel singer and the founder of Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC’s passed away on August 30, 2021 in Tupelo, Mississippi. The death news was first confirmed from spiritual qc’s verified page. RIP Legend…. The world will miss you and your voice.

Lee Williams Brothers

Willie Williams is one of the three brothers of Lee Williams. Others two brothers are no that much famous.

Lee Williams Wife

Annie Ruth is the wife of Lee Williams. The couple have welcomed a son and daughter. Here is the picture of Lee Williams Wife.

Lee Williams Wife
Lee Williams & his wife Annie Ruth

Lee Williams Daughter

Daughter of Lee Williams
Paris Lee Williams

The name of the daughter of Lee Williams is Paris. She is now 17 years old. Paris has been also working on the music sector. Sometimes she covers her favorite songs.

Lee Williams Son

The name of the son of Lee Williams is C.C. Williams. After the retirement of Lee, son C.C has been continuing the group.

Lee Williams Son
Lee Williams & his son C.C. Williams


Lee Williams was most famous for his gospel signing. As we know that gospel is about the love and sacrifices of God that he made for human, gave us a happy life, he who is the creator is merciful to us. Some people say that gospel singing is the voice of God. They say one must be chosen by the almighty to have such voice and word. Lee was the chosen one.

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  1. Rev. Margretta L. Dobbs

    My prayers are with Mr. William and his family. I enjoy listen to his music and had the pleasure of meeting him may God continue blessing him and the family.

    1. My deepest condolences to mr. Lee Williams family my heart felt sympathy to his family and the spiritual Qcs RIP Mr Lee Williams you are truly a man of God you will truly be miss I never got the chance meet you but I love listening to your music you were my favorite gospel singer Rip



    2. The. Lord. New. Who. He. Was. I’m. From. Houston I’ll be. Coming to. Funeral. I. Never seen. Him. In. Person. But. His. Music. Made me. See. Him. R.I.p. lee. William. I. Wanna. Preach. The. Gospel I’m. Tired. And ready

  2. My condolences are to the family of Mr. Lee Williams, his music has been such an inspiration to me I play the CD Good time all the time it just lifts my spirits. It’s the words that touches me so. There will never be another Lee Williams. R.I.P my warrior now you can sing in the “Heavenly Choir”.

      1. Deborah Armstrong

        I can’t give up I have to hear it everyday because when I lost my leg in 2020 October first I was ready to end it all

  3. Beatrice Ward - Houston TX.

    Lee Williams & The Spiritual Q C’s was an outstanding anointed Male Group. They came to Houston each year In January for Mr Darrell Martin CEO of KWWJ Radio Gospel Explosion Concert.
    Houston Recording Artist Lady Beatrice Ward & Angelic Voices was always an opening group. There we established a friendship with Mr Lee Williams.

  4. Condolences goes to the family of Mr. Lee Williams. I love all of his songs especially Cooling Water and I love to lean on Jesus. Rest in peace Mr. Lee Williams because you will be truly missed.

  5. Our prayers go out to the family of Mrs. & Mr. Lee Williams, your song will live
    in our hearts forever. Your songs always travel with my family. We love going to your concerts in Michigan. Rest in peace, joy come in the morning.

    Mr. & Mrs. Alex Beard,

  6. The sounds of Mr.Lee Williams will live on for every. Take your rest Bro.Williams you will be missed, your music helped me make it through many days at work.

  7. To the Williams Family and Spiritual QC’s. I have love you all every since I first heard the group. May God give you strength and piece at this time. I hope continue to bless us with their music. Mr. Lee Williams definitely will be missed. I Gotta Run, I Can’t Give Up are some of my favorites. Rest In Peace

  8. Lee Williams lived the life he sung about. I will always love his songs of praise and the Spiritual QCs. God will grant his wife, children and all of his family and friends God Speed.. But God

  9. My Sincerest Condolences to the Williams Family for the loss of such an inspiring voice, that of Lee Williams. I am so glad and thankful that I had several opportunities to see and hear him perform live. One of the Best Gospel Groups out there. I pray that the group will continue on Lee William’s legacy.
    To GOD be the Glory.
    Rest In Peace Mr. Lee Williams.
    I know Heavens “Gonna Have A Good Time. On One Accord.”

  10. Condolences to the family I loved his singing he will be truly missed, May he Rest in peace and Heaven and keep singing. GOD Bless you family

  11. My condolences goes out to the William families, Lee lives and songs for us and the LORD. GOD knows best. My prayers goes out for the families

  12. Lee Williams is My Black Elvis of Gospel No one does it like Lee. He will be Greatly missed Special Prayers to his family and May God. Bless

  13. Dorothy M. Thomas

    My deepest condolences go out to Lee Williams Wife and his children Dr.Lee Williams
    truly was a MAN OF GOD and he will live on forever in my life though his meaningful song’s Sleep on Lee until that great getting up morning that is one of the reasons can’t give up I can’t give up now see I come,
    too far to turn around now RIP

  14. Our condolences to the Williams family we gonna Miss him My favorite gospel Singer I lister to his singing every morning So I know he is up in Heaven singing let have a good time praying for the family

  15. Brother Lee Williams was my favorite gospel singer. My condolences to his family. I have no doubt he is with our heavenly Father now, and those of us who love him and God will see him again. God bless and comfort his family.

  16. I never got the chance to physically meet Mr. Lee Williams but hearing him sing, seeing his style of standing, moving his leg to the beat of the music let me know he not only song songs about GOD but he knew GOD well. He will be truly loved and missed. To his family, I pray that GOD continue to cover you. Yes he is gone from our mist, a voice we love is still. A place is missing in our hearts , that never will be filled, but as long as there is music we will forever hear and love Mr. Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCS. He is now residing with the LORD, a place he once sang about and is now there. Much love always, Minister Wanda Johnson

  17. my condolences go out to the entire Williams family. Mr. Lee Williams was my
    favorite singer of all times, he changed my life in so many ways spiritually I am a better person and for that I am so grateful. One of my biggest regret is that I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him while he was passing through here on his way home, but I know I will see you one day Mr. Lee in Heaven, I’m too just passing through on my
    way home. rest well my precious Angel, rest well>

  18. Loved his singing. Most of all his style. Never show cased or faked in his singing. Walked and talked what he sung about. Refreshing and real! Thanks to his family for sharing him with us. Prayers for peace and blessings to the family.

  19. To the family of Mr Lee William:You have my sincere condolences and prayers. Lee Williams was my favorite gospel singer! I loved him and the QC’$. He will be missed! May God Bless you all and keep you! So sorry for your loss! He seemed like such a nice person! Thank You for sharing him with the world!❤️❤️

  20. I had the chance to work with Lee and the QC’s, starting way back in the mid 90’s. He will be missed all over the country. I can honestly say that, I FOUND A FRIEND< IN HIM!

  21. Lenora Williams

    Lee Williams was my favorite gospel singer of all times. He felt what he was singing, you could see it all over him. Never got a chance to meet him and that’s my biggest regret. When I did see the last two times that he was in Atlanta, he was sick, and I felt so sad seeing him that way. But God had a plan for Bro. Lee and Lee fulfilled his mission. He was an anointed servant of God, and nobody could beat him being who he was. NOBODY!! My condolences to the family, I can almost imagine what you’ve been through and are going through. God bless all of you.

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