Sam Altman Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Biography & Career

Sam Altman is an American programmer and blogger. People also know him as an investor and entrepreneur. Sam is best known for being CEO of OpenAI LP and former president of Y Combinator. You may even know him for business and entrepreneurship. There are a lot of fans of Sam around the country.

Sam Altman

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What is Sam Altman’s Net Worth?

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2022$250 million25%
2021$200 million85%
2020$108 million20%
2019$90 million5%
2018$85 millionN/A

Early Life

Sam was born on April 22, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, US. His mother’s name is Connie Gibstine. He was a dermatologist. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri with his parents. Since childhood, he has had an interest in technology. His mother also supported him as he got his first computer at the age of eight. From then, he used to spend time learning new things.

He started his education life with a primary school nearby house. After passing the institution, Altman attended John Burroughs School. There he studied secondary education and left with a great result. After that, he was admitted to Stanford University for staying in computer science. Unfortunately, in 2005, he dropped from the university. At the same time, he has also worked in the AI Lab.

After dropping out of university, he wanted to study at another university to pursue higher education. He was finally admitted to the University of Waterloo. In 2017 he completed his degree from there. After completing his degree, he started thinking about building a career and got involved in various businesses.


After completing his education life, he was planning to open a successful business. Before that, he has worked for several companies and gained enough ideas. Later on, he started a business and was involved with several companies. In the section below, I have covered his career briefly.


In 2005, Sam co-founded and became SEO of a location-based social networking mobile application named Loopt. At that time, he was only 19 years old. After a few years, it made an estimated revenue of $30M. Later on, in 2012, the platform was shut down, failing to get traction. It has finished the activities and was acquired by the Green Dot Corporation for $43.4 million.

Y Combinator

In 2011, he started working at Y Combinator as a part-time partner. After three years, the founder of Y Combinator, Paul Graham, made him president of the business. In 2014, Altman expressed his throughout with a blog post that the total value of the company has crossed more than $65 billion. It started competing with other renowned companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Zenefits, and Stripe. Another sector of the company was YC Group. In 2016, he had a plan to become president of the group.

Angel investing

He was one of the investors who has invested in many companies so far. Among those, Airbnb, Stripe, Reddit, Asana, Pinterest, Teespring, Zenefits, FarmLogs, Shoptiques, Instacart, Optimizely, Verbling, Soylent, Reserve, Vicarious, Clever are notable.

In 2014, the CEO of Reddit, Yishan Wong resigned. Sam was the CEO of Reddit for eight days. As an investor, he has been quite successful and profitable. Due to which he is currently introducing himself as an investor. He was also the co-founder of an artificial intelligence research laboratory named OpenAI.

He later started running his own business and gradually became involved in politics. In May of 2020, he donated $250k to American Bridge 21st century after involving in politics. He is now known to a number of people as a politician.

Quick Info of Sam Altman

Rеаl Nаmе/Full NаmеЅаmuеl Н. Аltmаn
Nісk Nаmе/Сеlеbrаtеd Nаmе:Ѕаm Аltmаn
Віrth Рlасе:Сhісаgо, Іllіnоіѕ, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Dаtе Оf Віrth/Віrthdау:22 Арrіl 1985
Аgе/Ноw Оld:36 уеаrѕ оld
Неіght/Ноw Таll:Іn Сеntіmеtrеѕ – 173 сm
Іn Fееt аnd Іnсhеѕ – 5′9’’
Wеіght:Іn Кіlоgrаmѕ – 73 Кg
Іn Роundѕ – 160 lbѕ
Еуе Соlоr:Grееn
Наіr Соlоr:Вlасk
Раrеntѕ Nаmе:Fаthеr –  Nоt Аvаіlаblе
Моthеr –  Соnnіе Gіbѕtіnе
Ѕіblіngѕ:Јасk Аltmаn
Ѕсhооl:Јоhn Вurrоughѕ Ѕсhооl (hіgh ѕсhооl)
Соllеgе:Ѕtаnfоrd Unіvеrѕіtу (drор оut)
Rеlіgіоn:Rаіѕеd аѕ Јеwіѕh
Zоdіас Ѕіgn:Таuruѕ
Ѕехuаl Оrіеntаtіоn:N/А
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ:N/А
Wіfе/Ѕроuѕе Nаmе:N/А
Кіdѕ/Сhіldrеn Nаmе:N/А


We have provided all the information related to Sam especially his net worth. The amount of his income is increasing every year. Most of the income of Sam comes from business-related activities. He is also an entrepreneur who has much employment for the unemployed. But now he is focusing more on politics. Hopefully, he will be able to complete his career in that sector quite successfully.

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