Shoreline Mafia Net Worth 2022: All of Earning sources Here!

Shoreline Mafia is a famous music band. The band gained worldwide fame by their music. Shoreline Mafia considered as the most rapidly growing band ever. Day by day it’s getting more popular with all over the world. The band made a good amount of in their career line. According to various online sources, Shoreline Mafia’s net worth is about 2million dollars.

Music the heart of art. It tells the story that was hidden in our soul. There always something that we don’t but neither we can deny their presence. Sometimes we can’t tell anyone even we can’t tell ourselves about the feeling we are going through, the thought hunting us down everywhere we go, the desired to get something. But music is the thing that talks for us. It helps us to express our feelings in a rhythmic word.

The Journey of Shoreline Mafia

Shoreline Mafia is such a music band who represent the inner feelings of our darkest part through their song. Which is lying in our subconscious and covered with mystery. Shoreline Mafia creates a big fan base by their outstanding song. Their song always touches the heart and made us feel what’s is right and what’s wrong.

Here we prepare a little article for those who are interested to know about the Shoreline Mafia. Undoubtedly, the Shoreline team made a huge amount of money as a newcomer in the music industry. We will discuss how the team made this amount of money, what is their main income source, how much they are getting paid, what is the origin of this band, how the band start their journey in the music industry and some other fact that you might enjoy.

Shoreline Mafia is an American hip-hop musical band based on Los Angeles, California, USA. The group of this band made off with four people. The members of this group are Ohgeesy (real name, Alejandro Carranza), Rob Vicious (Robert Magee), Fenix Flexin (Fenix Rypinski), Master Kato (Malik Carson).

It was in 2012 when the two group members Ohgeesy and Fenix mate with each other. They both are graffiti artist. Somewhere between in Los Angeles, they were painting on the wall. While graffiti they came to know each other and found that they had the same interested in music. The love and passion for music create a friendship bonding between themselves.

Some website says that they were met through social media and then became friends. But its always the music which helps them to become friends.

Before joining other two group members Ohgeesy and Fenxi sing together for two years. They used to go to parties together and performing in various places together. Ohgeesy and Fenix had recorded some song back then. Some of their earliest music is “Tommy by Tha Gucci”, ” Vice City”, “In the Field”, “Home Invasion” and some few others.

Ohgeesy and Fenxi used to post their song on the Sound Cloud. They got a good response from there. They started to make followers from there and it was the begging of a great band.

In 2014, after two years Rob Vicious and Master Kato joined with the other two team members. From then they started to sing together. People started to notice that a new band is forming. The Shoreline Mafia team sang a lot of songs together and did so many live performances.

Their worth mentioning song from back then is- “Like me”, ” Xanpagne”, “Hunued Pacc”, “Boofd Out” and so many others.

Although they work together they were not officially formed a band. In was in 2016 when they first officially build their music band and named it “Shoreline Mafia”.

In the year 2017, the band has first got wide attention of a nation. They release a song called “Mustly” create this opportunity for them.  This album was produced by Ron-Ron. Soon the song spread all over the world and started trading. “Musty” got more than 21 million plays to date in Sound Cloud.

In 2017, The band released another hit mixtape named “ShorelineDoThatShit”

In 2018, Shoreline Mafia signed a deal with Atlantic Records. They re-released some song in here.

Shoreline Mafia last releases their album “Mafia Bindness” in 2020 July 30.

There is not much information available on the internet or anywhere else how much Shoreline Mafia making every year. And it’s pretty hard to calculate too cause they are a  music group and it’s an artistic work. There is no certain amount of money flow after a period of time.

The band earned most of their money by selling their album. The record production company paid them to sing for them. The band performed in many shows and stage. A big amount of money also coming from this area. It’s not only bring money but also give them huge popularity and way to introduce themselves to a big audience.

The other revenue comes from different kind of social media and from the various internet platform. Shoreline Mafia gets quite a big money from YouTube by posting their song in there. The band also get paid from another popular media called SoundCloud.

There is much information available on how much they make every year or in a month. But after a few research, we are able to know how much worth they are holding now. As per 2020 Shoreline Mafia owned nearly two million dollars. Soon we will publish their other sources of income and how much they get paid.


Shoreline Mafia made a historical appearance in the music industry and it will remain until the last breath of the world. Though the band doesn’t have enough familiarity and popularity with all across the world, it’s raising rapidly and getting fame from different countries. Besides, it’s hometown America it’s making fan and follower from the different part of the world.

It’s for sure that one-day Shoreline Mafia’s name will be written beside all other famous music bands with the shining word. Newcomers in the music industry will start their journey by practising and performing Shoreline Mafia’s song. It’s now just a matter of time.

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