Toby Bost Net Worth 2022: Early life, family, education, and company details

Toby Bost is the Founder and Managing Director of Belvedere Capital Fund. In his 50 years of life, Toby has worked in many positions in renowned companies which deal with consumer goods, action sports, youth lifestyle. Today’s article is going to highlight Toby’s net worth, education, personal details, company info, etc. 

What is Toby Bost’s net worth? 

According to the latest information of 2022, Toby Bost’s estimated net worth is 5 million USD. 

Year Net worth Increased rate 
2022$5 million 4.17% increase 
2021$4.8 million 14.28% increase 
2020$4.2 million 10.53% increase
2019$3.8 million N/A

Early life, family, personality

Unfortunately, there is no clear detail about his parents and birthplace. It is assumed that he was born in or around 1971. Currently, he is living in Newport Beach, CA. In addition, he has a house in Canyon Lake, which is an hour distant from his present living place. 

At Canyon Lake, in every wakeboard season (May to October), he and his three children hit the water. They enjoy their weekends in wakeboarding and family hangouts. 

Toby is a fun-loving person, who wishes to see his workers in the same way he does. During his time in O’Neill, he was extra-careful towards his employees. As a CEO, he ensured that all his employees have enough time to enjoy themselves by skateboarding and working out. Also, he hoped to find his employees passionate with their work. 


Toby completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from University of San Diego. 

Career Overview 

Toby is a successful professional businessman with 25 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, management. In an interview, he shared his first job experience. After finishing college, he started with a small surf company. 

Though he was in general office management, yet he got to learn many things outside the office management. And this is the starting of his career staircase. His time in O’Neill is the most precious he ever considered. 

He appeared in Undercover Boss CBS on 22 February, 2013. In this American TV series, Toby discovered the problems of O’Neill management and efficiently solved them. Apart from O’Neill, he spent a big time in La Jolla Group. 

His latest venture capital, Belvedere Capital Fund, is a group of elite Private Equity Investors. They are seeking a private US-based company with high growth potential, loyal consumer base, $3 million Enterprise Value (minimum) with 3 year of profit history.   

Let’s take a short tour of his career. 

No Fear

VP Manufacturing 

Jan 1996 – May 1998

Rip Curl 

VP Manufacturing 

May 1998 – May 1999



May 1999 – Nov 2013

La Jolla Group 

Founder, CEO

May 2006 – Nov 2013

DJO Global Consumer Business

President, CMO

Nov 2013 – Nov 2019

Belvedere Capital Fund 

Managing Director 

Jan 2020 – present 

Quick info

Personal details 

Name Toby Bost 
Known as Toby Bost 
Occupation Investor, Managing Director, Founder, President, CEO, COO, CMO, EVP, VP Manufacturer 
Net worth5 million USD
Date of Birth1971
Birthplace N/A
Father’s name N/A
Mother’s name  N/A
Marriage N/A
Spouse name N/A
Children 3
Siblings N/A
Address Newport Beach, Canyon Lake, CA, USA
Contact no. N/A 

Company details 

Name Belvedere Capital 
Address 688 Caudor St, Encinitas, CA 92024, US 
Contact no. N/A 


Toby lives by his skills and principles. He never slipped away in complex organizational layers. From the first day of his career, he has been proving himself with his strong determination, hard work, management, passion, creativity, etc. With his successful track record, his current venture capital is looking for enthusiastic and potential business owners. 

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