Toby Fox Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Dating, Kids, Bio

Toby Fox is a famous American game developer and composer. He had some great contribution to the field of gaming development. Toby started his career from a young age and soon he became famous worldwide. People all across the world play his game. Recently in a survey shows that Toby’s game is played by more 4 million people.

Toby Fox the great game developer in the world. He became popular because of his unique idea that he puts in the game and people just loved it. Toby has become a well-known person after creating the game called Undertale. It brought him huge fame and reputation as well as money.

What is Toby Fox’s Net Worth?

Toby Fox earned a large amount of money from his game developing career. He became a millionaire celebrity at a very young age because of his extraordinary talent. Toby has some widespread source of income and a quite large amount of net worth for himself. According to some online sources Toby’s estimated net worth is now about 3 million dollars.

Year Net worth(estimated) Increasing rate
2022 4.5 Million dollars 28.57%
2021 3.5 Million dollars 56%
2020 2.9 Million dollars 93.33%
2019 1.5 Million Dollars N/A

Toby Fox is an example and a motivational person for every game developer. He proved that with proper hard work and struggle you can win anything you want. Here we prepare a little article for those who are interested to know about Toby Fox. Here we will talk about how much net worth he is holding, his main source of income, how many sources of income he has, what is his yearly earning, his little bio and some other interesting fact that you might enjoy.

Early life and education

Toby Fox today’s one of the most brilliant and successful game developers in the world. He was born on October 11, 1991, in Massachusetts, United States of America. There is not much information available about his family or his parents. He doesn’t like to reveal his personal life in the media. But the rumours say that Toby has three brothers and they all live together with family.

It’s hard to say how was Toby’s childhood life or how he treated in school among friends. His childhood life is under research, soon we will publish about it.

From some online sources and Toby’s some of the interviewer says that Toby likes to play to with computers from his early life. He always founded computers program very attractive. He used to read various technology related magazine and article and watched videos about how the machine works and some stuff like that.

Toby Fox completed his study from a famous university, the Northeastern University. His main subject was environmental science though it’s not much related to his career. When he was in school Toby was one of the members of Earthbound, a fan site.


Besides having an attraction for programming and editing Toby always found the music very interesting too. He developed a strong love for music when he was a child. It’s true that music indeed keeps our mind fresh it helps to work fluently.

Toby used his sense of music to build up his career. Though it happened unplanned.

It was in 2009, Andrew Hussie created “Music Contribution Team” which became popular very soon all over the world. Andrew requested all the artist to posted their music and asked them to participate here. But at first, Toby was not serious about it. He did not respond immediately. Anyway, Toby joined the MS Paint Adventure forums. Then he posted some piano covers of webcomics. Andrew saw Toby’s playing and he was impressed by Toby’s talent.

Toby Fox composed some of the great music. After acknowledging his brilliancy in the field of music he got offered from many companies to composed music for them. Toby’s best work in the music sector is Hiveswap. It was in 2017 when Toby worked with the Homestuck video game, Hiveswap. The game was in released 2017 and their music was co-composed by Toby Fox.

Toby Fox’s most successful work is Undertale game. By creating this game Toby became a celebrity person and also became a rich person. The game was released in 2015.

Toby likes to works alone and he does not like to rely on anybody. The famous game Undertale created by Toby Fox and it was programmed only by Toby Fox. Cause he didn’t want others to involved with his game. He wanted to make it so perfect. In an interview, Toby was asked why he developed the game by on his own. Toby said that he didn’t want to spoil the game he wanted to represent it how thinks it in his mind.

It took Toby 32 months to build-up the whole games. Through the games, Toby earns a lot of money. But to create this game, the total cost was only 50 dollars. Toby has thought about the game when he was in college. He used to art the sketch of the characters in his notepad.

By composing music for the famous game and by developing games Toby has made a big amount of net worth.  His estimated net worth is about 3 million dollars.

Achievement and conclusion:

Toby earns quite a large amount of money from his career. He also earns so many awards included:

1.Best Game of PC” at the Independent Games Festival

2.Shotgun Game of the Month

3.Game of the year” by The Jimquisition

Toby has a great sense of humour. Once Toby was asked what helps him to make such games and how he thinks. Toby said “I usually think of good ideas in the shower. So, try to take a shower every so often.”

Toby always inspired others and helped the newcomers to create a career line for themselves.

Quick Info 

Сеlеbrаtеd Nаmе: Тоbу Fох
Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе: Тоbу Fох
Gеndеr: Маlе
Аgе: 29 уеаrѕ оld
Віrth Dаtе: Осtоbеr 11 1991
Віrth Рlасе: Воѕtоn, Маѕѕасhuѕеttѕ
Nаtіоnаlіtу: Аmеrісаn
Неіght: 1.7 m
Wеіght: 58 kg
Ѕехuаl Оrіеntаtіоn: Ѕtrаіght
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ: Ѕіnglе
Wіfе/Ѕроuѕе (Nаmе): N/А
Сhіldrеn/Кіdѕ (Ѕоn аnd Dаughtеr):
Dаtіng/Gіrlfrіеnd (Nаmе): N/А
Іѕ Тоbу Fох Gау?:
Рrоfеѕѕіоn: Vіdео gаmе dеvеlореr, Соmроѕеr
Ѕаlаrу: N/А


Toby is now one the richest and wealthiest game developer at a very young age. He made a great fortune in game development and as a composer.

Toby Fox’s main source of income is selling copies of his game. He has made a lot of money out of it. The game cost only 10 dollars and Toby sells more than 2,670,000 pieces of copies. So his estimated earning from this game is probably more than 26,700,000 dollars.

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