Walter Umphrey Net Worth 2022: Is he Still Alive? Obituary Details

Walter Umphrey is a famous lawyer in America. He fights for justice and good. He put many bad and criminal people into jail. Walter solve so many cases in his career. He is one of the most famous lawyers in the United States of America. His name was mentioned as a  “10 best lawman in the country” in some magazines and papers.

Do u watch Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul? If you did watch these great two TV series then you must remember the lawyer character, Saul Goodman. He was the one who kept records of Walter White and Jessy Pink man. Saul was the one who knew about every money of them and helps them to enrich their net worth. Besides that Saul also has a great amount for himself too. He made a huge net worth in those series.

What is Walter Umphrey’s Net Worth?

I don’t know why but every time I talk about some lawyer Saul Goodman pops in my head. I started to find familiarity and unfamiliarity between Saul Goodman and other lawyers. It’s really surprised me that Walter Umphrey’s style kinda reminds me of Saul Goodman. They both are very intelligent. They use their brain as high-speed racing cars on the track. They both know the law more than any other man. But one thing you should remember is that Walter Umphrey uses his talent to save the innocent and find the victims, not like Saul Goodman who follows the wrong path. But like the fictional character Saul Goodman, Walter Umphrey managed to earn a lot of money and made a huge net worth for himself.

What do you think about a lawyer? What do you think about the earning scale of a lawyer? Well in our imagination lawyers get paid a huge amount of money. In some cultures, parents encourage their children to choose only three professions. One doctor, the second engineer, and the last one is a lawyer. Cause they think these three professions will provide so much money and this three are also a very honorable professions.

Here is the earning details of Walter Umphrey.

Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2022 $2 million 11% increase
2021 $1.8 million 38% increase
2020 $1.3 million 30% increase
2019 $1 million N/A

He was a very well-known lawyer in the ’90s and ’80s. But it’s truly astonishing that even in this era he is as popular as he was in the ’90s. People still go to their firm to take services. Walter Umphrey’s outstanding talent in solving cases attracts people the most. Some people say that it’s Walter’s personality and the way of talking which help him to build a huge net worth. Walter’s way of talking in a western tone gives him extra advantages. Others usually can’t stand before him when When he speaks with subtle judgment.

Is Walter Umphrey Still Alive?

Walter Umphrey, Prominent Southeast Texas attorney & co-founder of Beaumont’s Provost Umphrey has passed away on September 07, 2021, at his Beaumont home at the age of 85.

According to the Provost Umphrey law firm, he was suffering a lengthy illness. Clayton-Thompson Funeral Home will arrange a memorial festival soon.


Walter Umphrey’s career was about 50 years long. He worked for the well-fare of people for a long period of time. Besides helping the law and the people of countries he made a  great amount of money too. Walter’s main source of income was providing law services. He made more than 1 billion dollars from here. Walter Umphrey owned a law firm too which was founded in 1969 named Provost Umphrey’s Law Firm L.L.P. It is now one of the biggest law firms in the USA. It enriched Walter’s net worth with a huge percentage. Walter has so many other businesses too which helped to increase his net worth.

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  1. Vida Vacula Raney

    He helped me and my family when my husband Johnny Vacula was killed in an industrial accident in the Beaumont area over 40 years ago where my husband came home and told me that conditions where he worked were so bad that someone was going to be killed. Cleaning a barge that exploded he was killed. Thanks Walter for being there for me and my 3 children. Always Vida Vacula Raney

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