Winrar Net Worth 2022: From Starting to Now!

WinRAR is one of the most uses software of all time. Million of million people use WinRAR every day. It has become a very essential part of our online world. We are using Winrar everyday days of our life to keep our file save and store important data. We can easily archive file by using winrar. At this time more than 500 million people use winrar for various purpose.

You may know a lot of things about winrar function and how this system is work. But do you know how much winrar company make every day, how much is their yearly revenue and income, how much is their net worth? Well, here we prepare an article for those who are interested to know about the financial condition and earning system of winrar.

Okay, let’s get started then.

What Is Winrar’s Net Worth

Winrar was first created and launched in March 1993. The developer and the creator of this software is a Russian computer scientist named Eugene Roshal. His great invention soon becomes very popular and famous. Winrar company has earned a lot of money by selling their product. According to some online sources winrar estimated net worth is about 9,720,000 dollars.

Year Net Worth Increasing rate
2022 9.72 Million Dollars 21.5%
2021 8 Million Dollars 22.69%
2020 6.52 Million Dollars 53.41%
2019 4.25 Million Dollars N/A

The reason behind the huge popularity of winrar software:

Winrar is a very popular website among all types of user, from the very low-class user to very high profile user. Behind the huge popularity of this software could be many reasons. One is that through a winrar file you can share your big file data very easily. Most of the underground websites and piracy website use WinRAR to share their file. When you will download big data files such as games, movies and other stuff you can always see that the file is in RAR format.

There are so many other good reasons for using this software. Most of the programmer and pro-level user use winrar because it provides many features, it contains many formats and obviously,  winrar is very easy to use. One of the biggest reason behind its huge popularity and having large users is that winrar trial version is lifetime free. It never charges money from there normal users.

The Journey Story of WinRAR

Probably a question pop up into mind, not probably, but for sure a question has come into mind that if Winrar is free for lifetime and they don’t charge any money for using their software how could they have made this enormous amount of money?

Okay, we will answer this but at first, you should know some things.

Though the creator of winrar is Eugene Roshal, he is not the owner of this software. He handed over all the copyright responsibilities to his brother named Alexander Roshal. Alexander the one who controlled and maintained everything and RARlabs is the company which is work for winrar.

Winrar trial usually expired after 40 days but you can still use them for free. Very few people buy the licence but most of the EU citizen buy the license. Winnrar have to rely on the corporate business farm to sell their software. Industry and organisation have to buy winrar licences to keep their data secure.


Winrar company RARlabs has made a huge amount of net worth by selling their products. Their yearly income is about 814,320 dollars and there estimated net worth is now about 9,720,000 dollars.

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