David Green Phone Number: Wife, Net worth, House Address, Wiki 2022

David Green one of the world’s richest man is very modest and religious. He founded a super shop named “Hobby Lobby” which later became a billion-dollar company. His business skills and untiring efforts have made it one of the leading retail companies of America. Besides, he is the funder of the Museum of the Bible and also supports financially the Evangelical organizations in the United States.  

What’s his net worth? 

David Green owns more than $8 billion and is called the modest billionaire for his softness and manner. 

Year Net Worth Increase Rate 
2022$8.4 Billion 10.53% increase 
2021$7.6 Billion 2.70% increase 
2020$7.4 Billion 5.71% increase 
2019$7.0 Billion 9.37% increase 
2018 $6.4 Billion N/A 

Early life and Education 

His father was a Christian pastor. He grew up in Atlus, Oklahoma along with his five siblings. He was the second son of his father. All his siblings were attentive students; however, he didn’t have any interest in bookish knowledge. The financial condition of his family was not good. While reading in school he used to work in the school cafeteria in exchange for meals as a result, he didn’t get a chance to play with his classmates or go to parties. This from his childhood he learned to maximize his profit from every single opportunity. 


David Green is the owner of the American giant super shop Hobby,, Lobby. He has grown a billion-dollar business through active hard work and relentless effort. From the very beginning of his company, he was about every employee. He is more conscious about his family time and worship.  

Green started his professional life when he was in high school. He used to work for a general store where he was paid 60 cents an hour. Then he worked for the TG&Y company for 13 years. 

He wanted to start his own business so in 1970 he took a $600 loan and with his partner Larry Pico began a home business named Greco Products. They used to assemble and sell miniature picture frames. 

Green was working as a store manager with TG&Y company; meanwhile, he was also conducting his business of miniature picture frames. His business was growing. Therefore Green and his wife opened a 300 square-foot store called Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma City. Hobby Lobby was based on arts and crafts and it was running quite well. Consequently, in 1975, he was about to open a second Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma City so he resigned from his position as a supervisor with TG&Y.  Gradually he opened eight stores by 1984, including the one outside Oklahoma. 

David Green wanted to expand his business opportunities that’s why in the early 1980s he decided to include furniture and high-end cookware in his business. However, this idea didn’t work as expected. So he had to return and give more emphasis on arts and crafts. 

Green is well known for his modesty and religiousness. He founded the Museum of Bible in Washington, D.C. which was opened in November, 17,2017. The funding was nearly about $500 million. Besides he is one of the leading donators of the Evangelical organizations in the USA. Half of Hobby Lobby’s pretax earnings are committed to a portfolio of evangelical ministries. 

Facing the ups and downs through his journey Green established a chain of his shops in different locations of the United States. In 2020 he had 600 shops in more than 900 locations with an average area of 55,000 square feet. This makes David Green a successful entrepreneur who has created job opportunities for more than 43 thousand people all over the United States. 

Authored Books 

  •  More Than a Hobby. 
  • This is his first book based on his entrepreneurship and building a billion dollar company from a $600 loan. 
  • Giving It All Away…. 
  • It is a masterpiece of David Green. It has a very high reputation among the global readers.  
  • A Generous Life. 

Those books is a suggestion of David Green about living a generous life and it’s benefits. 


David Green lives with his wife Barbara Green and their three children. Darsee Lett and her elder brother Steve Green work for Hobby Lobby and they hold important positions in the company. Steve is also the founder of the Museum of the Bible. On the other hand his eldest son, Mart Green is the founder of another company and he works as a CEO. 

Phone number 

As he is conscious about his privacy so he doesn’t share his personal number. Hopefully you can contact with him through his office landline number. The office landline number is 1-405-745-1854. However, the office fax number is not available. He is also available in Facebook and Twitter. 

Contact details  

Email Address Not Available 
WhatsApp Number Not Available 
Discord/Telegram Number Not Available 
Official Website www.hobbylobby.com 
Facebook www.facebook.com/DavidGreenHL 
Instagram Not Available 
Twitter www.twitter.com/davidgreenhl 
LinkedIn Not Available  
TikTok Not Available  
Snap chat Not Available  

Quick Info 

Name David Green 
Occupation  CEO of Hobby Lobby 
Profession Entrepreneur 
Age  79 years old 
Relationship Wife: Barbara Green 
Children  Sons: Mart Green, Steve Green Daughter: Darsee Lett 


Business is the passion of David Green. His dedication and untiring efforts made him a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest personnel of the world. He is an inspiration for the young generation especially those who belong to poor families. His main principle of life is to live generously. 

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