Brad Lea Net Worth 2022: Bio, Phone Number, Family, Career & More

Brad Lea is a famous entrepreneur who is the founder of LightSpeed VT. This company has the most interactive training platform in the market. He is widely known as the Real Brad Lea. Recent analytics assume that he is going to be a billionaire very soon. He is now host of the Dropping Bombs podcast. He wrote a great book named ‘the Real Deal’. 

In this article, we are going to share the net worth of Brad Lea and other necessary information about him. If you have interest in it, please stay till the end of the article. This website upholds the wealth of information of celebrities across the world. 

What is Brad Lea’s Net Worth?

According to the latest information of 2022, the estimated net worth of Brad Lea is 8 million USD.

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2022$8 million11% increase
2021$7.2 million10% increase
2020$6.5 million12% increase
2019$5.8 million13% increase
2018$5.1 millionN/A

Early Life & Family

Brad Lea was born on 9 November 1969 in Cottage Grove, Oregon. His father was a little entrepreneurial. His father and uncle started to start a newspaper, pizza parlor, and tavern. Brad Lea came from a lower-middle-class family but he tried his best to overcome the barrier of becoming successful. In a word, his childhood life was full of ups and downs.


Brad Lea’s education could not be forwarded too much. Because he could not attend college. The teachers said that he is not intelligent enough to pass the high school barrier. He entered college and became a dropout student. Thus, he ended his education life. He always thought different. So that he planned for something bigger than a piece of the certificate. 

Career Overview

The Real Brad Lea is a successful businessman. Most people know him as the founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT. This company provides the most amazing and interactive training system in the world. He set the headquarter in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

LightSpeed VT was founded in 2000. Brad Lea had a special ability to train people. So, he thought he could do something greater using his special talent. He struggled to reach more people but that was too tough. He got a new idea. He decided to teach online using the internet. It would help him to reach more people than he could before. Besides he got plenty of time to spend with family. He could be able to understand that four key points were needed to train people effectively. Those are good content, repetition, practice, and accountability.

Jason Straub was the co-founder of LightSpeed VT. He liked Brad’s idea and support him to overcome the struggle. To set out their best they build their software to deliver the training. In a short time, this system became so popular that everyone wanted it to deliver their expertise. At present LightSpeed VT has a market value of $25 Million. Moreover, the total number of employees of the company is about 200. 

Quick Info

Popular AsBrad Lea
Age52 years old
Phone Number
Born9 November, 1969
Birthday9 November
BirthplaceCottage Grove, Oregon
WifeMelissa Renee Lea
SiblingNot Available
ChildrenTwo Daughters


Brad Lea could not take the college degree but he proved that a certificate cannot be a barrier if someone has skills. He believed that a piece of paper could not set fortune. His childhood was not so well but he managed to gain success. The real Brad Lea is a great example from Zero to Multimillionaire. 

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