Christie Marie Sheldon Net Worth 2022: Early life and Family, Education, Career & More

Christie Marie Sheldon is an entrepreneur, spiritual reader, professional coach, and author. She helps people by reading their mind insights and reducing their internal blockages. In this article, you will find every detail of Christie’s life.   

What is Christie Marie Sheldon’s net worth?

According to the latest information of 2022, the estimated net growth of Christie Marie Sheldon is 4 million USD. 

Year Net growth Increase rate 
2022$4 million14.28% increase 
2021$3.5 million25% increase 
2020$2.8 million 21.74% increase 
2019$2.3 million N/A

Early life and family

There is no information regarding when and where she was born, who are her parents when she got married etc. She has a sister, named Cindy Sheldon Brown. Also, she is married and became a mother, but her husband’s name and a number of children are unavailable. Currently, she is living in Beverly Hills, CA.   


She did not mention specifically her educational institutions. Rather, she says that she became educated from the ‘School of Life’. Her learning is still ongoing. 

Career overview

It all started from her childhood. When Christie was a young girl, she started experiencing flashes of intuition. Additionally, she could predict upcoming events. However, she had to suppress her feelings because it was not easy to convince her parents. 

Gradually, she understood that these flashes did not come meaninglessly. She was born to listen to people and help them. In her late teens, she held visitations. What excited her the most is that she succeeded to have an insight into people’s energy fields. 

After having six months of visitation, she stretched her hand to the neighborhood to help them. No matter if it is financial, physical, psychological, or other problems, she solved all of them. The cure was to tap into people’s energy fields and remove the energy blocks. Finally, she chose this psychic power to form her career. 

She started working with Vishen Lakhiani in Mindvalley. Later she set up her own online coaching program. Moreover, she developed a 12 part spiritual toolkit titled ‘Love and Above’. The toolkit clears mind blockages with higher energy levels. 

Apart from appearing in numerous radio shows, conducting seminars and private consultations, she wrote books. ‘Unlimited Abundance’ is her best-selling book, also the name of an online course developed by her. The journey of this course started in 2011 through life coaching. 

It offers online classes at a cheap rate. People who attend the course find it quite helpful to release their internal blocks and get what they really desire.   

Quick info 

Personal details 

Name Christie Marie Sheldon 
Known as Christie Marie Sheldon 
Occupation Entrepreneur, Professional Trainer, Life Coach, Author
Net worth 4 million USD
Date of Birth 15 November 
Birthday 15 November 
Zodiac sign Scorpio 
Birthplace N/A 
Father’s name N/A
Mother’s name N/A
Siblings 1 sister, Cindy Sheldon Brown 
Marriage N/A 
Marital status Married 
Spouse name N/A
Children N/A
Address Beverly Hills, CA, US 
Contact no. N/A 

Professional details 

Note: Christie Sheldon does not work in any company. 

Name Christie Sheldon 
Address3651 Lindell Rd D440Las Vegas, NV 89103
Contact no. 1-818-900-5882 


Christie Marie Sheldon devoted herself to the well-being of people. She proficiently provides mental health support to needy ones. Cindy Brown is also equally professional in psychic reading. The two sisters give their best for accelerating the psychological betterment, self-love, and consciousness of people. 

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