Hikaru Nakamura Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Dating, Bio

Hikaru Nakamura is a famous American chess champion. He is well known to the audience for his extraordinary brilliance in the sector of chess. Hikaru Nakamura became a chess prodigy when he was just a boy of 15 years old and 79 days. He defeated many world-class players. With his talent and intelligence Hikaru Nakamura become the world’s most popular and richest chess player.

Well, the money flow is unlimited one just has to wise enough to collect and win this money. Hikaru Nakamura is such a wise man who earns a lot of money from his career and he is still making money from several tournaments and competitions of chess.

What is Hikaru Nakamura’s Net Worth?

According to various online sources, Hikaru Nakamura’s current net worth is nearly or more than 60 million dollars. Undoubtedly it’s a huge amount of money for a chess player.

YearNet worthIncreasing rate
202260 million dollars9.09%
202155 million dollars10%
202050 million dollars6.38%
201947 million dollarsN/A

It’s for sure that chess is the most powerful brain game. One has to make sure of the proper use of his brain to win this game. In this game there no partner here is the only competitor. The more your IQ level is the more your winning chances.

Early Life & Family

Hikaru Nakamura is a Japanese American. He was born in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture, Japan on 1987 December 9. His father was a Japanese named Shuichi Nakamura and she was an American, who used to be a school teacher and professional musician, her name was Carolyn Merrow Nakamura.

Hikaru Nakamura left Japan when he was a two years old boy. After moving to America his parents got divorced and got separated. It was a hard time for him but he overcomes this situation by keeping him busy with various things.

After Hikaru’s mother split up with his former husband she got married again. This time she married a Sri Lankan. His name was Sunil Weeramantry. He was a famous chess player and a FIDE Master. Sunil was a chess author too.


Behind the history of chess, there are so many stories and so many myths. A chess player must be very patient and have the ability to see precision to win the game. Hikaru Nakamura is such a world-famous chess player.

We prepare a little article for those who are interested to know about this popular chess player. Here we will discuss how Hikaru Nakamura made this amount of money, how many sources he has for earning money, how much money he gets paid from the chess championship, his little bio and history, how he purchase a successful career line for himself, how he become what he is today and some other interesting fact.

There are two people who helped Hikaru and inspired him to be a chess player. One his stepfather Sunil. Sunil taught Hikaru how to play chess and so many tricks about chess. The other one is Hikaru’s brother Asuka. He was also a popular chess player. Hikaru traveled with his brother a lot for attending chess tournaments. He used to see his brother playing and it inspired him to play chess.

Hikaru Nakamura started playing chess when he was only 7 years old. He a successful chess player and draw attention in 1998 when he was 10 years old. He got the attention after defeating an international master Jay Richard Bonin at the marshal chess club.

At the age of 10, Hikaru Nakamura renounced the Younger Chess Master by United States Chess Federation. He got this title by breaking the record of Vinay Bhat. His record remained until 2008 before Nicholas Nip the 9 years old boy broke it.

Hikaru Nakamura’s career officially began in 2004. At the Corus tournament at the Wijk Ann, Zee Nakamura won fourth place in the B category group. In the same year, he was selected for playing in the FIDE World Chess Championship. It’s one of the biggest platforms for the chess player.

There is a chess federation which provides scholarship to fellow people who are talented and wise. Hikaru Nakamura was there selected for this scholarship. It was provided by Frank Stamford Chess fellow. He was given 32,000 dollars for this.

2005 was one of the biggest successful times for Hikaru Nakamura. This year he won the United States Chess Championship where tie with grandmaster Alex Stripunsky for first place. He was paid 40,000 dollars for this. It’s was a huge success for him. The luck is always smiling upon hardworking people. Through his struggle and brilliant mind, he won the US Chess Championship 5 times.

In 2009 August, Hikaru Nakamura won the Donostia-San Sebastian Chess festival. From this, he earns 5000 Francs which is about 5500 in US dollars. Well it’s may not be a great amount of money but brings him a huge reputation and fame in the chess arena.

Hikaru Nakamura leads the US team in the Chess Olympic. The first time he won the bronze medal and the next time he was the gold medal winner. He got paid nearly 1 million dollars for the first prize.

Quick Info

Place of birthHirakata, Osaka, Japan
BornDecember 9, 1987
Full nameHikaru Nakamura
SpouseMaria De Rosa
EducationDickinson College
Age32 years old
ParentsCarolyn Merrow Nakamura, Shuichi Nakamura
OccupationAmerican chess player
BooksBullet Chess: One Minute to Mate
SiblingsAsuka Nakamura


Hikura won many challenges and tournaments. His achievement in the arena is undeniable. He is helping the chess zone very much. His contribution to chess is huge. He helps the newcomers and provides charity. Nowadays, he is active in politics.

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