Kirk Du Plessis net worth 2022: Early life, Family, Career & More

Kirk Du Plessis is a US-based successful entrepreneur who is an expert in Finance and has minimum 5 years trading experience. Being self-motivated, he educates energetic learners who want to learn the financial marketing process. 

In today’s article, you are going to learn the A to Z of Kirk Du Plessis.  

What is Kirk Du Plessis’ net worth? 

According to the latest information of 2022, the estimated net worth of Kirk Du Plessis is 6 million USD. 

YearNet growthIncrease rate
2022$6 million 5.26% increase
2021$5.7 million 11.76% increase 
2020$5.1 million 6.25% increase 
2019$4.8 million N/A 

Early life and family 

Kirk Du Plessis was born and grew up in Virginia. There is no clear information about his family background. He met his wife Emily Macombie while both of them had played football and volleyball at IUP. Currently, this couple are happy parents of three children and are living in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington D.C. 


At Indiana University of Pennsylvania, his majors were Finance and Business Management. Later, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. 

Career Overview 

After finishing school, he started his career as a Mergers and Acquisition Analyst for Deutsche Bank Securities, NY. His job there was to prepare client merger models in the Gaming, Apparel, and Natural Resources industries. Later, he focused on the Derivatives Trading desk and spent a lot of time developing strategic trading plans. He was in Deutsche Bank from 2006 to 2007. 

In BB&T Capital Markets, he was a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Research Analyst from 2007 to 2008. There he researched, analyzed, and prepared real estate market reports including Multi-Family, Industrial, Retail and Lodging REITs. 

Kirk worked as a Certified Mortgage Planner both in two institutions, George Mason Mortgage (Aug 2009 – Jul 2013) and Residential Finance (Jul 2013 – Dec 2013). However, he founded Option Alpha, his latest company, in 2008 and is still working there as the CEO. 

Specifically, Option Alpha is an online education platform to educate investors interested in learning the tidbits of financial markets and derivative options. Also, it develops software to ease the learning process. The training curriculum covers strategies, risk management, option pricing, trading psychology, and more things related to finance. 

Surprisingly, the journey of Option Alpha started from a Google blog page managed by Kirk Du Plessis. When he was managing trading full time, he put his own thoughts on his website. People started reading his blogs and asking questions. 

He did not do it to gain money from it, but noticing people’s interests made him do something fruitful. And the ultimate result is this online education platform. With a $99 monthly fee, Option Alpha offers the best Options Trading courses. Not only that, it offers free courses for beginners. 

Quick info 

Personal details 

Name Kirk Du Plessis
Known as Kirk Du Plessis
Occupation Entrepreneur, CEO, Analyst, Planner 
Net worth6 million USD 
Father’s name N/A 
Mother’s nameN/A 
Date of BirthN/A
Birthplace Virginia 
Spouse nameEmily Du Plessis
Contact no.N/A 
AddressNorthern Virginia 

Company details 

Name Option Alpha 
Address 78 SW 7th Street, Suite 500Miami, FL 33130
Contact no. 1+ (305) 396 • 9118 


Kirk is equally dedicated to his company and family. He loves networking, dreams to meet more new people and build a strong connection over the internet. In addition, he believes that the people he has met and want to meet have the power to change his life and make it better.  

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