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American linguist, political theoretician, and activist Avram Noam Chomsky have been called “the father of modern linguistics.” It has been said that he is one of the founding figures of cognitive science and a prominent philosopher and intellectual. Noam Chomsky is a linguist who has achieved international fame.

Whatis Noam Chomsky’s net worth?

A linguist and philosopher, Noam Chomsky, has amassed a net worth of $5 million in the United States of America.

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2022$5 million31.57% increase
2021$3.8 million40.74% increase
2020$2.7 million50% increase
2019$1.8 million80% increase
2018$1 millionN/A

Early life and Education

On December 7, 1928, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, William “Zev” Chomsky and his wife Elsie Simonofsky welcomed their first child, Avram Noam Chomsky. Originally from Ukraine, his father was an Ashkenazi Jew who immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s. His father was a Hebrew scholar, and his mother was a teacher.

As a student at Central High School, he excelled in his studies. Besides his academic achievements, he was also involved in a variety of co-curricular activities. In contrast, he didn’t care for the disciplined method of instruction employed there.

The University of Pennsylvania accepted him in 1945, and he studied philosophy, logic, and languages. There, he met the Russian-born linguist Zellig Harris who instilled in Noam an intense passion for theoretical linguistics during his university days. Thanks to Nelson Goodman, Chomsky also developed an interest in philosophy. In 1951, Chomsky earned his M.A.

To work on his dissertation, Chomsky traveled to Harvard University in 1951 on Goodman’s advice. ‘Systems of Syntactic Analysis,’ his first academic article, was published in 1952 by ‘The Journal of Symbolic Logic. Chomsky was heavily influenced by Harvard philosopher W. V. Quine.

Professional Life

In 1955, Noam Chomsky began his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as an assistant professor. A machine translation project and his teaching duties demanded that he devote a significant amount of time to it.

After two years, his work was recognized, and he was promoted to associate professor. In 1957-58, he was also a visiting professor at Columbia University. Based on lectures he gave to students at MIT, his first book, Syntactic Structures, was published in 1957.

Professor Chomsky joined the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics in 1961, where he held the title of full professor. Based on his reputation as an internationally recognized linguist at this point, he was invited to speak as a plenary speaker in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the Ninth International Congress of Linguists (1962). This boosted his international profile even more.

Noam Chomsky became more politically active in the late 1960s. Only in 1967 did he begin publicly criticizing the United States’ foreign policy. This dissent was expressed in his essay, “The Responsibility of Intellectuals,” published in February 1967 in the “New York Review of Books.”

‘American Power and the New Mandarins,’ his first political book, was published in 1969 and detailed his opposition to the Vietnam War. Since his early days as an activist, his passion has only grown stronger. By 1990, he had achieved the status of an internationally recognized political activist. Ses linguistic prowess continued to develop.

In the 1990s, he retired from teaching, but he continued to interact with students and give lectures until he died in 2006. In the intervening years, several of his former students had established themselves as leading linguists in their own right.

As a leading figure in linguistics, Noam Chomsky has earned “the father of modern linguistics.” As well as Chomsky Normal Form and Chomsky Hierarchy, he also contributed the Chomsky–Schützenberger theorem. He also made significant contributions to the Minimalist program, Non-configurationally language, Parasitic gap, Phonology.

In his most influential work, Chomsky collaborated with Edward Herman on Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. The authors present their “propaganda model throughout the book,” which explains how mass communication companies manipulate populations.

Chomsky was named one of the 20th century’s most influential thinkers in 1970 by ‘The London Times.’ For his outstanding scientific contributions to psychology in 1984, the American Psychological Association awarded him the Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award. It was in 2011 that Chomsky was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize.

Numerous honorary degrees have been bestowed upon him by prestigious institutions such as Harvard and the University of Cambridge as well as McGill University as well as Penn State University, and Peking University.

Noam Chomsky’s Wife

Noam Chomsky began dating Carol Doris Schatz in 1947, a woman he had known since he was a child. The marriage took place between the two in 1949, and three children were born to the union. They had a common interest in language acquisition, as did his wife. Carol passed away in 2008 after a long marriage. A year after losing his wife, he found love again and married Valeria Wasserman in 2014.

Phone number

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House Address

Now, Noam Chomsky lived in Lexington with his family.

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Quick Info

Real NameAvram Noam Chomsky
Nick NameNoam
ProfessionAuthor, Screenwriter, Historian, Psychologist, Linguist, Teacher
Age92 year old
HeightIn feet: 5.0
In meter: 1.70
In CM: 170cm
WeightIn Kilograms: 70kg
In Pounds: 154 Ibs
Relationshipwife: Carol Chomsky(1949-2008), Valeria Wasserman(2014-
ChildrenAviva Chomsky, Diane Chomsky, Harry Chomsky
ParentsFather: William Chomsky
Mother: Elsie Simonofsky


According to Noam Chomsky’s universal grammar hypothesis, we are all born with an innate awareness of how language works. Chomsky once had a disagreement with philosopher Michel Foucault over human nature; Chomsky believed that human nature is significantly influenced by biology, while Foucault argued that social institutions influence human values, personality, and social problems.

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