Paul Gravette Net worth 2022; bio, Phone Number, Family, Career& More

Paul Gravette is a successful entrepreneur living in Nashville, Tennessee. He is working as an entrepreneur for 20+ years.

He is the co-founder of the famous company, Le-Vel. This is a very popular and luxurious brand in USA. Le-vel produces luxury healthcare and skincare products. They have a premium program, known as THRIVE. This includes-

  • THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT
  • THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules
  • THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix

Paul Gravette has interests in technology, design, and entrepreneurship. He is also popular as a thought leader. He has the ability to grab trends even before it become popular.

What Is Paul Gravette’s Net Worth?

Paul Gravette is a billion dollar worth entrepreneur. His net worth gets higher every year. His company Le-vel worth $2 billion dollar.

YearNet worthIncrease rate
2022$10 billion42%
2021$7 billion2.9%
2020$6.8 billion36%
2019$5 billionN/A

Early Life And Family

Paul Gravette has a happy family living in Nashville, Tennessee. His mansion cost $1.475 million. This house has a pool house, tennis court, five bedrooms and a large light-filled sunroom. 

His company Le-vel has over 10 million subscribers in all over the world.

He has a fantasy of collecting cars. His collection has-

  •  2016 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster (White with black interior, off-road capability)
  • 2016 Mercedes G63 AMG (White with black interior, off-road capability)
  • 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn (White on white)
  • 2017 Range Rover Autobiography

His popular quote is –“Take risks but be sure they’re calculated risks. Know the up-and downsides and let the figures make your decision.”


Paul Gravette studied business in USA. He also self-educate himself by reading various books.

Career Overview

Paul Gravette is a high-functioning entrepreneur with over 20+ years of successful experience. He expertize in business start-ups, brand development, software development, internet marketing, customer/promoter acquisition and retention. 

He is a pro at the direct sales industry. He is also good at working as a consultant in the areas of internet marketing, software development and health & wellness.

He build a virtual shopping center, which earned over $65 Million revenues over 12 months only!

Paul and his spouse Leigh Ann created cul2vate. This is a NGO for feeding hungry people all over the world. Their brand Le-vel also donated over $1 million to a breast cancer foundation.

He is also connected with many other non-profit organizations.

Quick Info

Address615 Westview AveNashville, TN 37205
Phone number615-665-7088
Birthday16 May
WifeLeigh Ann Gravette
SiblingDonald C GravetteAge 80+Bettie B GravetteAge 80+Leigh GravetteAge 40s


Paul Gravette is a very successful entrepreneur. He created a new definition of start-ups. A made people realize that there is nothing other than a start-up business to be successful. He is now a happy and rich person. But he is solely responsible for his wealth. He worked really hard in his early life. 

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