Preston Pysh Net Worth 2022: Bio, Phone Number, Family, Career & More

Preston Pysh is an entrepreneur , financier. He is also an internationally recognized eloquent author. He is known as an informational YouTuber who delivers an unbiased analysis of the stock market and banking policy. So far his financial channel ‘Preston Pysh’ consists of 452 videos with 198k subscribers. He is the founder of ‘Pylon Holding’ and is an acting president of the company. The revenue of the company is yet to be published by Forbes. As he supervises his investments through his company, It is unknown to the world, but unofficially his personal net worth is about 118 million dollars.

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What is Preston Pysh’s Net Worth?

According to the updated data the destination of  Preston Pysh net worth is about 118 million dollars unofficially.  

Year Net Worth Increased Rate
2022$118 million2% increase
2021$115 million4% increase
2020$110 million15% increase
2019$95 million 4% increase
2018$90 millionN/A

Early Life & Family

There is not much information regarding his personal life. But he is a self-described millennial. We can roughly estimate that his age is between 30 to 35 years old. He is married and blessed with two children.


Pysh completed his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from West Point, New York in 2003. It is a United States Military Academy where he was awarded a bronze star in combat. He earned it as the commander of 101st Airborne Division, an attack helicopter company. He has finished his post-graduation in 2018 from John Hopkins Business School, Baltimore, Maryland.

Career Overview

After his military service, Pysh co-founded ‘ The Pylon Holding Company’ with Warren Buffett in 2010. He has been managing his own portfolio through the company since then. 

He started his youtube journey 9 years ago in 2012. As a cryptocurrency promoter, he discusses central bank policy. He has been providing independent research of the stock market through his videos since then. He has also published ‘ Warren Buffett’s 3 Favorite Books’ which features Buffett’s techniques of the financial world.

In 2014, he co-founded ‘The investor’s Podcast (TIP)’ with Broderson. Currently he is known as ‘ An internet Giant’.

Quick Info

Popular AsPreston Pysh
Occupation YouTuber, Internet Entrepreneur , Author , Financial Analyst 
Twitter @PrestonPysh
YouTube Preston Pysh
Married /Single Married 
Children 2 sons 


Pysh is known to help people to make most of their income. He has surfeited his readers with economy and leadership books.  As a result, he is also a best-selling author on Amazon. He has used his passion for investing and soared himself high in the investment world. He specializes in calculating the durability of the company in the competitive world and sees through the capacity of growth. 

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