Thomas Weeks Net Worth 2022: Early Life to Professional Career Described

Thomas Weeks is a well-known person who performs on American reality television shows aired on Discovery Channel. We also know the program as Misfit Garage. The journey of the discovery channel was started in 2014 and has been providing quality content to the audience still today. Thomas is the best performing actor on this broadcast.

There are three partners behind the channel; Thomas Weeks, Tom Smith, and Scott McMillan. It has enough popularity, Especially those who are interested in the car and other mechanical products. In this article, we are going to talk about the necessary information about a famous man. We mainly focused on Thomas Weeks’ net worth.

What is Thomas Weeks’s Net Worth?

Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2022 $5.0 million 66.66%
2021 $3.0 million 15.38%
2020 2.6 million 25%
2019 2.0 million N/A

Early Life

Thomas Weeks was born on January 16, 1967, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. His father was a military officer. Also, his father had worked as a mechanic for a long time. Thomas learned mechanical things from his father and later moved into this sector. You are now successful with this experience.

Thomas has been fascinated with cars since he was a child, which is why his father bought him a car when he was 12 years old. Then he learned to drive a car in a few days and completed the job with a lot of interest. Later he started driving it with a license. Since Dad was a maker, he tried to give his son enough ideas about the stuff.

After driving the car for a few days, Thomas realized that the car had a problem and later checked to see if there was a problem with the engine. Then Thomas’s father told him to give him interest so that if you can solve this problem, then this car will be given you as a gift.

After his father’s announcement, Thomas started working as a car mechanic with great interest, and he was able to solve the problem. According to the father’s discussion, Thomas got the car as a gift. After this incident, Thomas became interested and started his journey.

Another dream of Thomas Weeks was to become a pilot. In order to fulfill that desire, he started practicing in progress. He was able to obtain a pilot’s license when he was only 16 years old. Thomas was also a very good student and completed high school.


Thomas wanted to take up his profession as a career, which led him to look for a job that was related to the car. He later worked with a few companies but was bored and decided to become an entrepreneur and arrange employment.

To meet this goal, he started a small shop. He later decided to make the business a little bigger. From then, he started a car business. Thomas, along with two of his friends, started his first garage, which led them as successful.

From all of the above, I may make you understand that Thomas Weeks is one of the most successful people in the world. There are many young people who want to be as successful as they are. Again many want to know about his net worth. If you are one of them, you will be doubt free after reading this section.


From the beginning of his life, he dreamed of being a success, and now he is able to fulfill his dream. As of 2020, Week’s network is over $5 million. And the amount is increasing day by day. Through this business, not only Thomas but also his two friends become successful men in the competitive world.

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