Dan Martell Net Worth 2022: Bio, Phone Number, Family, Career & More

Dan Martell is an award-winning entrepreneur from Canada. He has also a coach and investor for new businesses. He is the founder of SaaS and sold it later on. He has also created companies like Flowtown and Clarity. FM. 

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What is Dan Martell’s Net Worth?

According to the latest information of 2022, the estimated net worth of Dan Martell is 37 million USD.

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2022$37 million37.03%
2021$27 million22.72%
2020$22 million 83.33%
2019$12 million71.42%
2018$7 millionN/A

Early Life & Family

Dan Martell was born on 26th December 1979. He had a hard young age. His mom was an alcoholic and his father is always out for work. At a very early age, he has started companies like tree forts and snow cabins. Moreover, he is a hardworking fellow which has given him the position which he is standing at right now. 

He has been creative from his childhood. But life gets hard for Dan with time and he also started to take drugs. He has a history of selling drugs and has been chased by police once. He was in prison and rehab which helped to turn his life into a positive way. 

He learned to program in Java and become a programmer later on. He is a successful entrepreneur and that turned him into a millionaire. Dan’s wife’s name is Renee Warren and has been his source of inspiration which he has stated several times in his interviews.      


Dan Martell is an online learner. It has helped him a lot with his SaaS academy. He gets his solution developer certification from Microsoft Certified Professionals. He is good at web development and marketing. He started learning programming language during his time in high school.

Career Overview

His career started at the age of 19. He started a hosting company but it failed. His first successful company was Spheric Technology which he started at the age of 24. But things don’t go well for much time. It crushed him before he can be named a successful entrepreneur. SaaS was his first successful project.

After two years of hard work, he finally comes up with something successful. He created two companies like Flowtown and Clarify. FM. The best part is that he already knew about his mistakes and now he is cashing from it. Later on, he has sold the Fowtown and cash in the money which makes him a rich fellow. His career path is nothing but an exciting journey.     

Quick Info

Popular AsDan Martell
Age41 years old
Phone Number
Born26th December 1979
Birthday4 July
WifeRenee Warren
SiblingNot Available


Dan Martell is a successful entrepreneur from Canada and also been an Angel Investor. He has gone through dark life but now he has seen the true color of life. He has opened several companies throughout his life. Saas, Flowtown, and Clarify. FM is the big name among many.

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