Riva Tims Net Worth 2022: Everything about her Assets

Riva Tims is a famous American pastor, motivational speaker, writer. She has a very splendid career line. We all know her contribution and hard work in ministry. She helped so many people to come out from their fear and teach us how a love an honest, holy life.

Here we prepare an article about Riva Tims life, career, her net worth, earning and some other interesting fact that you might enjoy. To know her to be with us, hope you will enjoy.

What is Riva Tims’s Net Worth

Year Net worth Increasing rate
2022 1 million dollars 42.85%
2021 0.7 million dollars 40%
2020 0.5 million dollars N/A
2019 Under Review N/A

Riva Tims Career:

Riva Tims become a popular pastor in 2009 when she formed the church called Majestic Life Ministries. After creating this church it becomes very popular in the whole United States of America and now they have fan follower from all over the world. This holy place brings love and peace to all. They helped people to fight against the evil spirits and encourage to follows the almighty lord words.

Majestic Life Ministries has brought huge fame and popularity to Riva Tims. She created this church in September 2009 in Orlando, Florida and since then she is the main pastor of this church. Riva Tims maintain and control the church whole church work as she the CEO of MLM.

With the help of this church team, Riva arranges many social works which made her a famous pastor who loves the and the god creation. She tries to help homeless children by providing food, education and shelter. Riva helps wounded people by giving proper medical treatment. She not only helps them physically but also helps them physiologically to recover their pain.

Besides working as a pastor Riva Tims is famous for this motivational speech. She brings joy and hopes to the minds of those whose spirit broken for failure.

Riva is well known among her as a famous author. Her writing skill is unbelievably beautiful. Her books are very well received and admired by both critics and the general reader. She wrote two books named- When It All Falls Apart: Find Healing, Joy and Victory Through the Pain (2012) When It All Comes Together: How God Can Redeem Your Brokenness for His Glory (2017).

Riva Tims Personal Life:

Though Riva is a celebrity, she leads a very simple life with her children. She worked so hard for the welfare of people. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with children and reading books, gardening etc.

There is not much information available about Riva’s family. But we do know that she was raised in a Christian religious family with her identical twin sister Rena.

Riva was married to Zachery Tims who was also a pastor and well-known author. In 2011,  Zachary was founded dead in a New York hotel and the report said the causes behind his death was overtaking drugs. It was such a hard for Riva.


Riva Tims is a God-man, it’s hard to tell her net worth. A pastor like her doesn’t keep or save money for future use. Mostly Riva donates all of her to the charity. Though she has earned a good amount of money by writing and appearance in the tv show. According to some sources, Riva Tims estimated net worth nearly 1 million.

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